After the first week of dominant victories, surprising upsets, and the new kings of Europe arising (yeah, that narrative is going wild), it may be even more confusing to build a Fantasy team aiming to win it all. Don’t fret, though – we’re here to help!

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Top Lane

Adam - Fnatic $230,000 (vs VIT & XL)

That may look like an overreaction, but you know it isn’t if you watched Fnatic’s games. Despite a pretty slow start for Fnatic, Adam was looking amazing, even in losses – or maybe especially in losses, because his points per loss are higher than those for a win. VIT may be a dangerous rival, but Adam knows his vis-a-vis well from EU Masters stages, and XL is, well, still the same XL.

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Elyoya - MAD $330,000 (vs XL & S04)

Last week I wasn’t a big fan of Elyoya, given his high price, but I think it may prove to be worth it now. Elyoya always likes going against worse junglers, and this week he’ll be playing against Dan and Kirei – both battling for this lowest place in LEC junglers standings, even considering Treatz and Bwipo’s auto-filling. That’s not going to be pretty.

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Mid Lane

Twohoyrz- SK Gaming $250,000 (vs S04 & VIT)

Many people don’t like going budget on your mid, and I understand it well, but in the case of Twohoyrz, it may be worth considering. SK mid lane rookie has been looking nothing but promising – despite SK going winless in Week 1, Twohoyrz managed to keep his average points on 18 per game. Now SK has another chance for their first win, and if they succeed, this budget pick would be pretty valuable.

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Bot Lane

Rekkles - G2 Esports $310,000 (vs AST & RGE)

G2’s form was very G2-ish in the first week when they started with a win against MAD and then dropped a game versus Schalke, but some things stay consistent – inter alia, Rekkles being a KDA player. Rain or shine, his score is always great, and with G2 going against another prominent opponent in Rogue – they will definitely want to win here.

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Vander - Misfits Gaming $60,000 (vs RGE & AST)

This article wouldn’t be complete without a player from the only undefeated team in the EU right now. Although I’m being realistic and predicting Rogue to stop this speeding train of Misfits, 60k for such a top-notch player is a bargain – especially looking at this bloody MSF playstyle and Vander’s class, even in a 1-1 week.


Team Vitality $270,000 (vs FNC & SK)

After not the best start they could imagine, I believe, but it’s still a lineup of superstar players. All of them can completely dominate their lanes, get an advantage over the opponents, translate to objectives, and thus points. It isn’t the best macro-focused team in Europe, but given their relatively easy matchups, they should be able to make a statement here.

Best Overall Captain: MAD Elyoya: Volibear & Rumble

MAD’s week is looking free, and Elyoya should definitely play a part in this. Currently, it seems like he’s the only thunder bear enjoyer in Europe, so no bans should threaten this pick. Other than that – Rumble is the favorite meta pick of the Spanish jungler, so it’s a pretty safe bet.

Risky Captain: G2 Rekkles: Tristana & Senna

The first part of this champions captain pair doesn’t scream “risky”, as G2 marksman played Tristana 2 out of 3 matches in the super week, but the second is a shot in the dark. Rekkles was always happy with Senna, and she’s starting to appear on the professional stage – not exactly in Europe where she’s standing at only one game, but if G2 won’t introduce it further, who will?