LEC is BACK! After a quite unusual off-season with several unexpected role swaps, we’re back in business with the fresh, exciting split. Let’s take a look and see which players can help you dominate the Fantasy leaderboards and who to captain for the best results.

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Top Lane

Big Salut A Tous 2021 Split 1

SLT - Team Vitality $210,000 (vs S04, RGE & MSF)

There will always be a few question marks if it comes to picking an unproven rookie, especially in a week where he faces a true legend of European toplane in Odoamne, but there’s too many upsides – SLT’s carry champions preference, very promising roster around him, preferable matchups, and all of that for just 210k – too good to pass up.

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Msf Razork 2021 Split 1

Razork - Misfits Gaming $260,000 (vs FNC, SK & VIT)

Remember the beginning of the last split, when there was almost no hope in Misfits roster, and then Razork went a total smurf mode and scored almost 100 points week 1? I do. MSF opponents for this week love bloody games, and 2 out of 3 have potentially weak/unproven jungle position, which may make it a playground for Razork.

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Mid Lane

Rge Larssen 2021 Split 1

Larssen - Rogue $340,000 (vs XL, VIT & FNC)

First things first – Rogue doesn’t produce the biggest points and we all know that. Larssen is a different story though – he’s the main star of the team and he knows how to get his value in Fantasy. He was the best scoring mid laner last split – the stats speak for themselves. 340k is the highest price for a player this week, but Larssen’s definitely worth it.

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Bot Lane

Mad Carzzy 2021 Split 1 1

Carzzy - MAD Lions $300,000 (vs G2, FNC & AST)

I’m gonna be honest – this was probably the most obvious pick for me this week. MAD is back from MSI and they’re hungry for another European trophy, and with G2 as their first opponent they are looking to make a statement. As for Carzzy himself – 2nd best Fantasy scorer of the Spring Split would be a great pick anyways, but with a $300k price tag (3rd in his role this week), he is a must-have for your Fantasy teams.

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Ast Promisq 2021 Split 1

promisq - Astralis $40,000 (vs SK, XL & MAD)

Hello? 40k for a STARTING player?! This would be a thing to consider even if their team was about to get 0-3, but Astralis is up for a battle with two teams that made a few quite questionable roster decisions this split. If they win even one of their games, it’s gonna be an insane value – and Astralis has two realistic shots to do so. Probably the best budget choice in a while.


Mad Lions logo summer 2021

MAD Lions $280,000 (vs G2, FNC & AST)

The Spring Split champions salary is deflated by their 50/50 G2 matchups, so if you believe that MSI semifinalists can keep up their momentum and take that crucial first win against G2 – go for it. Lions have been looking pretty dominant in the last split, so there’s no reason to be afraid that their dynamic playstyle will hurt the potential team score – they can do it all.

Best Overall Captain: MAD Carzzy: Kai'sa & Ezreal

Mad Carzzy 2021 Split 1 1

There’s always some risk at the beginning of the split when it comes to picking captains, but I feel pretty confident in those two. Kai’sa and Ezreal are two of the most picked champions for the Czech marksman, and both happen to be relatively meta right now, but probably not enough to get banned. Pick and enjoy the fireworks.

Risky Captain: RGE Larssen: Sylas & Viego

Rge Larssen 2021 Split 1

Firstly – yes, you’re seeing right, I put “risky” and “Rogue” in the same sentence. As for the picks – with the traditional mages falling out of the meta, Larssen needs to dig deeper in his champion pool, but it’s definitely big enough to find something. Larssen’s been leaning towards Sylas and Viego surprisingly often in the Solo Queue lately, but will he take it to the stage as well?