We are entering the most crucial phase of the Summer Playoffs in Europe because we’re just about to learn which team will join Rogue and MAD Lions on their way to China to represent the Old Continent in the most prestigious tournament of the year. Who will fall short, and who will prevail in the battle for the final spot? Let’s take a look at the Round 2 of the last LEC stop before Worlds.

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Top Lane

Armut - MAD Lions $220,000 (vs RGE)

Armut’s been shaky this year, true, but 220k after a monstrous end of the regular season and stellar performance versus G2? Yeah – they are facing Rogue. So what? They’ve just been taken to 5 games by Misfits in a truly bloody series – I believe MAD can do the same after what they showed last week. Especially considering that the regular split winner does not like playing through toplane – if the Lions will seek their chance right there, Armut will be the core of it.

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Razork - Misfits Gaming $260,000 (vs FNC, G2(?))

You can say all you want about Razork’s last performances, but he was considered one of the best junglers at the beginning of the summer for a reason. We can’t be sure if he goes back to that form, but when he’s the cheapest jungler of the pool AND facing Fnatic, who were struggling against Vitality last week, WITH a chance of having another series if he wins – I’m saying, if you’re not picking him, you’re missing out.

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Mid Lane

Larssen - Rogue $310,000 (vs MAD)

Larssen finally looks like how we’ve all been expecting. After a relatively weak first half of the summer split, some opinions judging him to being finished/burned out – nothing could be more wrong. Swedish midlaner has stepped up massively and became someone the team can rely on and trust – just like a year ago. Also – he’s not even the most expensive option right here – if you don’t want to spend on Inspired, even after his performance last week, Larssen’s here for the taking, and he should bring similar points (just like he did against MSF).

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Bot Lane

Rekkles - G2 Esports $300,000 (vs MSF or FNC)

Talking about Swedish players – I must include the most accomplished one in that article. Despite quite a decisive MAD Lions win over the samurai’s roster, Rekkles managed to score the 2nd highest amount among all ADCs last week, and, what’s more interesting, he managed to outscore his vis-a-vis, Carzzy, despite losing 1-3 to him and his team. It looks like no matter what happens, Rekkles is a guarantee of quality, which you can get for just 300k this week. I don’t think you can lose out on that one.

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Trymbi - Rogue $120,000 (vs MAD)

Support salary gaps are relatively the smallest, so you can probably afford to go for the quality here – and Trymbi brings that to the table. He has the highest points per game score in the entire support pool in the playoffs and leads in the “assists per game” ranking. In summary, he looks like the complete support. If you don’t want to worry about that position, Rogue’s support has your back.


Misfits Gaming $250,000 (vs FNC, G2(?))

This pick is quite a gamble – if it goes right, it has insane potential, but it can feel pretty bad if it fails. Misfits face Fnatic in the 2nd match of the losers’ bracket, which they should win, and if they do, they’ll have a chance of improving their team score even more in a matchup against G2 in the same round. Technically that would be a dream scenario, but that still requires a win against Fnatic – I think it’s in the Misfit’s reach easily, though, especially given their fantastic series versus (theoretically much stronger) Rogue and their opponents struggles against Vitality.

Best Overall Captain: RGE Inspired: Viego & Xin Zhao

Calling Inspired a safe captain can be a bit of a stretch now – yeah, he used either Viego or Xin Zhao in 9 of the last 10 matches, but you can expect people will catch the drift and start banning it against Polish jungler. If they don’t, you don’t want to miss that train. Alternatively – if you are confident that MAD will ban out/steal Viego for themselves and don’t feel the need for offsetting the risk of others getting that captain right, you can swap him with Diana, and it still should do pretty good.

Risky Captain: MSF Vetheo: Leblanc & Akali

Vetheo scoring has been impressive at times this split, especially with Akali, on which he gets an average of almost 41(!) points per game. He doesn’t pick her a lot, but if he does, you can expect big things – and he has already shown that he’s ready to go with the Rogue Assassin to the playoffs. Also, he started the playoffs with 2 LeBlanc wins – not that unlikely he doesn’t go back to that pick if it isn’t a ban target. Both choices are a bit of a shot in the dark, though, as Vetheo’s champion pool is huge, and he’s been leaning towards the mages at the end of the regular split, but the Fnatic series may require bringing some heavy artillery to the table.