After a devastating long week without LEC contest, The Objectively Better Western League™ is back for playoffs! Even though it’s only the first round, this week abounds in exciting matchups. The current dominating leader of LEC takes on probably the biggest underdog of the split – Misfits. Spring split European Champions MAD face the struggling yet very dangerous side of G2 Esports, and Fnatic, slumping after their rather successful run during the split battles the would-be EU superteam in Vitality. Who will win? Who should you pick in your Fantasy lineup? Let’s look at the Fantasy side of the first round of the LEC 2021 Summer Playoffs!

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Top Lane

Adam - Fnatic $260,000 (vs VIT)

Adam’s performance can still be super volatile due to his lack of experience and overall shaky results of the entire Fnatic, but when it hits, it hits hard. When Fnatic was doing good, he had no problem reaching 25+ points, and yeah – I do expect Fnatic to do good versus Vitality. Adam’s undoubtedly looking to make his first LEC playoffs a statement.

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Jankos - G2 Esports $280,000 (vs MAD)

You can say many things about G2 in this split, but Jankos being a bottom three salary jungler in playoffs is criminal. Polish jungler ended the split extremely high, reaching over 30 average points per game in the last two weeks. During the split, he did super well, outjungling the likes of Inspired, Razork, or Elyoya numerous times – he’s never been a problem in the struggling iteration of G2. Low risk, huge reward.

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Mid Lane

Humanoid- MAD Lions $280,000 (vs G2)

If I had to pick one member of MAD that will do well, my vote would go for Humanoid without question. His contribution to the team may not be spectacular, but it’s very efficient and helped Lions a lot with their post-MSI fatigue and later struggles. I am not convinced MAD will do well against playoffs G2, but they did surprise us in Spring – I think it’s enough to consider giving the Lions’ gem a shot.

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Bot Lane

Hans Sama - Rogue $310,000 (vs MSF)

Rogue player not leading the salary “ranking” is some phenomenon, so when it happens, you gotta capitalize. Rogue may not be your perfect Fantasy style team, as they are an incredibly textbook team with no fun allowed, but the recent weeks look like they’re trying to break the pattern, and it becomes a rare thing for Hans not to score 25+ points on a win, with a potential for way more. If Misfits put up a good fight, his score may go big while being a very safe pick.

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Mikyx - G2 Esports $90,000 (vs MAD)

Similar case as with Jankos – a member of reinstating G2 team, being priced outside of the top 3 salary range. Mikyx is a bit less flashy than his jungle teammate, but he still provides quality, just not in the same constant manner. Let’s not forget that a year ago, Mikyx was the only player to break the average of 20 points per game among supports – what’s the better time to find that form?


Rogue $280,000 (vs MSF)

I don’t think I need to elaborate on that one – on the team position, you need something reliable, safe, and hopefully with a favorable schedule – Rogue checks out with all of those. Sure – they’re the most expensive option in the pool right now, but no other team guarantees such a clean macro, which should result in many points.

Best Overall Captain: G2 Rekkles: Tristana & Varus

Rekkles champion preference stayed pretty much the same all the summer – Tristana still constitutes a super high percentage of his picks, being picked in nearly 50% of G2 games of the split. Varus is second behind, but so is Kalista, which Rekkles played to a significant success at the end of the regular split. The Spear of Vengeance isn’t a priority pick in the current patch in other regions, though, so I believe the Swedish marksman will lean towards a meta pick in Varus as his secondary champion.

Risky Captain: FNC Bwipo: Viego & Xin Zhao

You can’t spell Bwipo without “risk.” Well, you can, but that’s not the point. The FNC ex-toplaner brought his huge champion pool ocean with his role swap to the jungle – having played ten different champions in eight weeks of the regular season. As a result, it seems nearly impossible to get his captain picks right. I’m going for Viego (who has been the only clear favorite for Belgian jungler in Summer Split) and Xin Zhao, who’s the current flavor of the month – even if you get only 1-2 games bonus with it, the pay-off may be huge.