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Fantasy LoL Best value players

Best Value Players: Week 8

Best Values? What is that? Every option you are presented to fill your lineup has their own inherent value that is built into their Salary.

Champion Picks: Week 8

We look at the current LCS and LEC Champion meta and give advice based on the best choices for your Captains!

E1 Fantasy Pick and Avoid Cover

Pick and Avoid: Week 8

We take you through those players that you must have an those that you should definitely leave out of your roster this week.

LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping cover art

Bargain Shopping: Week 8

Fantasy Bargain Shopping discusses the best players to purchase without breaking the bank! Maybe this contain the key to success in Week 8?

Patch Notes 1.2 - ready for playoffs

Playoffs: Format & Scoring

We discuss the LEC/LCS Playoffs Format including; changes to scoring, duration, changes to Champion pick for Captains and prizes

Top Scorers: Week 7

It’s time to dig into the top scorers of Week 7 and see which team claimed the most spots when all was said and done.

LoL Fantasy Champion Picks Week 7 Spring 2020

Champion Picks: Week 7

We help you get those bonus Captain points by highlighting which Champions are being picked in each roll!

Cover Art Best Value Players Fantasy LEC and LCS

Best Value Players: Week 7

We show you those diamonds in the rough, those secretly awesome players that wont cost you an arm, a leg or all your salary

Pick and Avoid: Week 7

We show you the players to pick and avoid for Week 7 of the LCS and LEC Spring Split! A must read to help strengthen your lineup

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