We are in the final third of the LCS regular season, and it feels like anyone can beat anyone at this point. Bring in the soup league because we are in for a wild ride of games this week for Fantasy LCS.

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Top Lane

Huni - TSM $250,000 (vs FLY, IMT, & TL)

While inconsistent, Huni is facing Kumo and Revenge, two top laners on bottom feeder teams. It’s a good week to pick him solely due to that. FLY’s roster is still fresh to LCS, and IMT is well… mortal. No reason not to pick him.

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Closer - 100 Thieves $300,000 (vs DIG, TL & FLY)

Closer has become arguably one of NA’s best junglers, and he has just the schedule to prove just that. A 1-2 week may not be ideal, but with a dismantled DIG and a new FLY roster, a 3-0 week is very likely.

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Mid Lane

Abbedagge - 100 Thieves $300,000 (vs DIG, TL, & FLY)

I am arguing the same thing I did for Closer. 100T are easily set up for a redemption week. They have arguably the best mid-jungle duo in the league. I guess there is no excuse for them if they don’t at least achieve a 2-1 week.

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Bot Lane

Lost - TSM $300,000 (vs FLY, IMT, & TL)

TSM is inconsistent, but does it really matter when Lost can simply demolish everyone in mid to late-game teamfights? That’s all you’ll get from me here.

LoL Support Icon


IgNar - Evil Geniuses $100,000 (vs GG, FLY, & DIG)

I’m not going to name anyone here, but I remember someone telling me not to pick EG. It turns out they had a secret plan in mind to validate my big brain play and went 3-0 last week. That being said, we are running it back by picking IgNar for this week. If it ain’t broke, don’t ever fix it.


Evil Geniuses $250,000 (vs GG, FLY & DIG)

While the top teams flounder, EG looks like the only team with a consistent performance every week. Even in their losses, the team still manages to generate decent points for whoever drafts them. With their schedule this week, I have no doubt they will continue their momentum from last week.

Best Overall Captain: EG Danny: Tristana & Aphelios

Kai’sa is falling off, and Aphelios is rising back up. Tristana still remains intact for Danny’s go-to pick, making him the perfect captain for this week.

Risky Captain: C9 Fudge: Gnar & Gwen

The top lane matchups have been very diverse as of recently. It is challenging to captain this position, especially with Fudge playing four different champs in the last two weeks. I advise caution here.