Things are heating up in the LCS as we head into Week 6. We might have established five good teams and five bad teams. Many are racing for LCS playoff spots. (not counting 8th and 7th place. Who came up with this nonsense?) Let’s see who will make the cut in this week’s fantasy picks.

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Impact - Evil Geniuses $240,000 (vs IMT, 100, & C9)

This week is likely Impact’s greatest test yet as he faces two very strong top laners. With C9 revitalized and 100 Thieves looking the most dominant since their debut, he will have a lot on his hands. However, that will not stop him from being the untiltable top laner that he is. Despite his low price, he is worth the slot due to his stability throughout the game. Expect a decent amount of points from him going into this weekend.

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Armao - Team Liquid $300,000 (vs DIG, IMT, & GG)

VALUE, VALUE EVERYWHERE! TL Armao will go on a tear. There’s not much I can say here, given this is an instant 3-0 week for the blue horse’d team. I’m looking forward to watching TL bring chaos onto the rift in their upcoming games.

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Mid Lane

Abbedagge- 100 Thieves $300,000 (vs GG, EG, & TSM)

As we approach Week 6, it is clear that Abbedagge has cemented himself as one of NA’s top mid laners. He has the second-highest average points per game, which indicates his ability to snowball out of control and take the game in his hands. Look for him to outplay every mid laner this weekend.

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Bot Lane

FBI - 100 Thieves $310,000 (vs GG, EG, & TSM)

Call the cops… I mean the FBI! The prominent bot laner has not missed a beat all split and is out to prove it against his counterparts, Danny and Lost, who are also fighting to get in the conversation of the best bot laner in the league. They are a new breed of bot lane talent, and I do not doubt that FBI will succeed in giving us a good show (for fantasy, that is).

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Vulcan - Cloud9 $120,000 (vs FLY, DIG & EG)

I never thought I would be putting a C9 player in this article. This weekend is a special occasion as C9 has been on an upward trajectory as of recently and is looking back in form. If things go wrong for Vulcan this weekend, you can just blame Lewis for that.


Evil Geniuses $230,000 (vs IMT, 100, & C9)

Even though EG has a tough schedule, this is all the more reason to put them as your budget pick. If C9 fails to capitalize on their upward momentum going into Week 6, you are looking at a surprise 2-1 week.

Best Overall Captain: TSM Lost: Kalista & Ezreal

For some reason, Lost has geared more towards playing Kalista and Ezreal in their last six games. Ezreal seems to be the go-to still, but the rest is up in the air. However, it is not so far gone that he can’t be a safe captain.

Risky Captain: 100 FBI: Varus & Aphelios

I’d caution captaining FBI. He has played a lot of different champions as of recently. Too risky to safely net bonus value.