Week 4 of LCS has arrived, marking the beginning of the second round robin. Are TSM and 100 Thieves the real deal? Are C9 poised to right their wrongs in previous weeks? Are the middle-of-the-pack teams contenders or pretenders? Let’s find out with this week’s picks.

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Top Lane

Huni - TSM $250,000 (vs FLY, EG, & TL)

I am likely crazy for suggesting Huni for a second week in a row. However, he has consistently shown good value while not being too expensive or cheap for anyone looking to draft him. My recommendation for this week (no more Huni next week. I promise).

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Spica - TSM $290,000 (vs FLY, EG, & TL)

I can’t remember the last time TSM had a jungler this good for a long period since 2016. It seems like Spica is in a position to succeed, especially with a schedule including Evil Geniuses and FlyQuest.

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Mid Lane

Abbedagge - 100T $300,000 (vs DIG, C9, & IMT)

While 100 Thieves did not get the results they wanted last week, Week 4 looks promising for the revitalized roster. The addition of Abbedagge has helped fix their many mid lane problems throughout the organization’s time in the LCS. Abbedagge will look to carry his team to a potential 3-0 given Cloud9’’s obvious weakened state.

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Bot Lane

Tactical - TL $310,000 (vs EG, CLG, & TSM)

While TL has yet to get a 3-0, Tactical remains at the top of the bot lane pack averaging 28 points after the first-round robin. He has remained a consistent force in many of Team Liquid’s games with proper positioning in teamfights and superb laning alongside his support. No matter the result, you will get value out of him.

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IgNar - EG $100,000 (vs TL, TSM, & DIG)

Wherever you might be on the rift, IgNar goes where he pleases. While Evil Geniuses had a relatively good week, they have a daunting task ahead of them, facing two top-tier teams in one weekend. I am hoping that this does not stop the playmaking support from making miracles happen on the rift.


Immortals - $250,000 (vs CLG, GG, & 100)

Immortals have been on an upward trajectory lately. The strength of schedule looks promising as the squad looks to continue their steady improvement at the start of the second round robin.

Best Overall Captain: TSM Lost: Senna & Tristana

Despite the diverse bot lane pool, one pattern remains constant. That is Lost on Tristana and Senna. These two champions seem to be his go-to in many TSM’s games, and I expect this pattern to continue as long as they are winning.

Risky Captain: C9 Perkz: Viego & Sylas

Perkz does not have a champion pool. He has a champion ocean. I guess it pays to have a mid laner with such a diverse array of mid lane picks that It is hard to find a definitive captain for him.