Round 3 of playoffs is here, and with one Worlds spot on the line, it looks like a very tight two-horse race between TSM and C9 (have you seen this episode before)? With a decisive win over GGS and a demolishing defeat by TL, it’s hard to say which one is more likely to go 0-6 at this year’s world championship. Get your memes ready, everyone.

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Top Lane

Fudge - Cloud9 $250,000 (vs EG, IMT/TSM)

Fudge has a tall task ahead of him as he faces one of the best top laners in the league in Impact. I hope to see more from him as it is one thing to dominate against Licorice and another to play against the best top laner in the league. Like most games played against EG, the bright side is that it is expected to generate high point values due to its scrappy nature. Hold onto your 0-6 foam fingers. We are in for a wild ride between the fourth-best player on his team vs. the best top laner in the league. I’m excited.

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Santorin - Team Liquid $290,000 (vs 100)

Nothing is better than the feeling of momentum going into a series that could net TL a guaranteed spot in the main event of this year’s world championship. Santorin’s synergy with the team despite having limited time has proven very helpful in the early game. I expect him to continue the momentum going into their series against 100 Thieves.

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Mid Lane

Perkz -Cloud9 $320,000 (vs EG, IMT/TSM)

He may be late to the party, but playoff Perkz has entered the fray. I don’t think I can think of a better opponent to prove his skills against than Jiizuke. Both mid laners have been known to be very aggressive and snowball their lead whenever they get the chance. It is time for the redemption arc to begin in both fantasy and LCS.

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Bot Lane

Lost - TSM $300,000 (vs IMT, C9/EG)

After an embarrassing loss to TL, I can’t think of a reason why you would not take any TSM player this week. They play IMT, and despite their improvements, TSM has the better players across the board. Picking Lost here is your safest bet because of the natural ability of bot lakers to wrack up points even without a lot of kills via CS. I expect TSM to play their typical mid to late-game style of out-macroing teams they think are better then. Let’s hope it does not backfire.

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CoreJJ - Team Liquid $100,000 (vs 100)

CoreJJ’s improvement throughout the season continues to shine through, indicated by the two decisive wins against C9 and TSM. In TL’s victories, he averages around 20 points, which is the third-highest among supports. His ability to navigate his team to a win through his incredible playmaking means that whoever they play against better watch their backs, including 100 Thieves.


100 Thieves $260,000 (vs TL)

While I think 100 Thieve’s playoff showing has been less than ideal, they have managed to make it as far as they did by capitalizing on game-deciding mistakes by the enemy team. TL are vulnerable, especially when behind. I expect them to take at least one game off of TL by snowballing the early game as hard as they can.

Best Overall Captain: C9 Zven: Ezreal & Kalista

Varus and Aphelios seem to be Zven’s go-to based on the last six games he has played. I expect this trend to continue in his match against EG. It’s a battle of who can team fight better.

Risky Captain: TL Tactical: Varus & Ziggs

The meta in the bot lane has been more diverse than ever with the coming of Ziggs’ return in the bot lane. However, given Tactical’s deep champion pool, the chances of picking the champions indicated are very… low.