Last weekend’s games were a banger. This weekend’s games are going to be even better. A clash of titans in the upper bracket while the teams in the lower bracket fight their way to secure a Worlds spot as the third seed. Let’s see who will come out on top for this week’s fantasy.

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Ssumday - 100 Thieves $250,000 (vs EG)

Ssumday is very interesting. Despite coming in first in the regular season (summer split only), not many talked about it compared to his other teammates. He is a reliable top laner that won’t necessarily lose you the game even against Impact. I expect their match vs. EG to go to 5 games, given how close the teams are. You’ll get value from him regardless of the result.

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Santorin - Team Liquid $290,000 (vs TSM)

Despite having limited time with the team, Santorin came out in a blaze of glory in their match against what was supposed to be a top-tier team (Sorry, fudge factor spammers, not sorry). TL is coming in with good momentum against TSM, and as long as Santorin maintains that aggressive style they showed, points should be able to come in.

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Mid Lane

Jensen- Team Liquid $300,000 (vs TSM)

Speaking of aggression, This is probably one of Jensen’s best performances in a while. Not only is he in a meta to thrive in, but he has very good synergy with his jungler. I expect him to score some value if he can keep the momentum going.

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Bot Lane

Tactical - Team Liquid $300,000 (vs TSM)

While Tactical has been silent for me during the split, He is not a bot laner that will cost you a lot of games, or in this case, a lot of points. He is steady and has very strong team fighting positioning, which is usually enough to swing games in TL’s favor. He is an excellent pick-up for this upcoming series.

LoL Support Icon


Huhi - 100 Thieves $100,000 (vs EG)

In addition to having one of the most potent mid jungle duos on the team, 1000 Thieves has Huhi, a support who has remained consistent throughout the summer season. Having a team that can enhance his ability to shotcall proved very beneficial for his skillset as a player. As stated earlier, I am expecting their series against EG to be close. I wouldn’t sleep on taking any combination of 100 Thieves players this weekend.


100 Thieves $260,000 (vs EG)

100 Thieves are in for the fight of their lives as this best of 5 is their one-way ticket to worlds. This has been the strongest performance we have seen from the organization since they entered the scene. However, EG is not a pushover, and I expect both sides to give us a blood bath resulting in both sides racking up valuable points. Buckle your seatbelts. We are in for a wild ride.

Best Overall Captain: C9 Zven: Varus & Ezreal

This past week, we have seen a massive drop-off of Aphelios in favor of poke champions in the bot lane. Ezreal has become a contested pick alongside Ziggs and Varus. Expect these three champions to show up a lot this weekend.

Risky Captain: C9 Perkz: Ryze & Orianna

Although we have seen a high amount of mages, Perkz is still known to have a vast champion pool. If you plan to pick him, I’d be wary of his role on the team against GGS.