It’s playoff time, and the stakes could not be higher. 8 teams and 3 spots to worlds on the line. Who will rise, and who will disappoint NA? Both seem inevitable anyway, so let’s get right into the fantasy picks.

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Top Lane

Fudge - Cloud9 $240,000 (vs TL)

Among all of the C9 members, I believe Fudge has made the most improvement throughout the season. He is still the fourth-best player on the team. However, when the team needs him to step up, he will step up. That being said, I wouldn’t count out Fudge just yet.

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Svenskeren - Evil Geniuses $290,000 (vs DIG)

EG could not have drawn a better opponent for Svenskeren to face in the jungle. While I acknowledge Akaadian as a jungler, I firmly believe our EG jungle stomper will walk circles around his opponent due to having better synergy and coordination with his teammates. Not only are you getting a favorable matchup in round 1, but the blood bath of EG games tends to provide a lot of value on the table. Don’t miss out.

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Mid Lane

Perkz- Cloud9 $300,000 (vs TL)

I’m not sure why I am writing an in-depth description of the best western mid laner of all time. In any case, there is only one reason that warrants Perkz being on this list, and that is… (insert drumroll) PLAYOFF BUFF TIME!!!

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Bot Lane

Danny - Evil Geniuses $310,000 (vs DIG)

Of all the new up-and-coming talent entering the LCS this split, Danny has impressed me the most. He is one of the leading contributors to the squad’s newly found success. He gives EG a case to be one of NA’s dark horses going into the playoffs. Don’t sleep on him if you want to #LiveEvil.

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CoreJJ - Team Liquid $100,000 (vs Cloud9)

I guess if I had to highlight any player on TL, it would be CoreJJ. His continued synergy with his bot laner has kept TL as one of NA’s best teams. Now that TL will be in full force coming into playoffs, expect CoreJJ to help them make a deep run to worlds.


Cloud9 $250,000 (vs TL)

While C9 is slightly favored against TL, it is also likely to go five games. Both teams are relatively equal in strength. Whether you are a C9 fan or a TL homie, you are sure to get value from this best of 5.

Best Overall Captain: C9 Zven: Varus & Aphelios

We may be in playoffs, but the meta has remained the same for the bot lane. Varus and Aphelios continue to dominate the competitive scene for their insane poke and teamfighting potential. I don’t see any real pivot away from this.

Risky Captain: TL Tactical: Varus & Aphelios

Tactical has a very deep champion pool. You can still pick him for the standard Varus/Aphelios captain pair, but the chances of it happening are very low. Be careful.