Last week of LCK! All six playoff teams have been locked (congratulations to LSB, NS, T1, DK, GEN, and AF!), but with a tie for first and a tie for third, there is still plenty more drama left in the split. There is even potential for a tiebreaker for first place, as LSB and NS are tied for that spot, both teams are 25-17 in individual games, and they are 1-1 against each other (the tiebreakers are game record and head to head record). In fact, all six playoff teams are mathematically still in contention for first place. This week, it’ll be T1, DK, BRO, and DRX who have one matchup each.

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Top Lane

Doran - KT Rolster $200,000 (vs LSB & AF)

Doran threw down the second-highest score of any top laner last week in his lone series against DRX. While his opponents are significantly more formidable this week, KT has maintained a close to 50% individual game win rate, which means they lose a good deal of 2-1’s. That’s what I think could happen here. Doran is a very cheap budget option but is overflowing with upside.

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Dread - Afreeca Freecs $290,000 (vs HLE & KT)

Dread lit up the scoreboards last week with a dominant 11/1/7 game, good for a whopping 51.1 points, in AF’s playoff-clinching upset win over NS. The surprising outburst came just at the right time, as Dread had previously not eclipsed five kills since July 7. Despite the low kill totals, Dread frequently racks up points in the assist department and is the 4th highest scorer in his position. This week offers a perfect opportunity for more points, as he plays two teams out of playoffs.

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Mid Lane

Gori - Nongshim RedForce $300,000 (vs DRX & GEN)

Gori disappointed his pickers last week in the loss to AF, but this week should bring better fortunes. He faces last-place DRX and a GEN team that has only won three of its last nine series. With NS battling for first place, I predict an unbelievable carry performance (similar to his 13 and 14 kill games earlier this split) out of Gori to put his team in the best spot possible.

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Bot Lane

Gumayusi - T1 $300,000 (vs HLE)

Gumayusi was the highest-scoring bot laner last week, and while he only has one matchup this week, that means his price is slightly reduced. Gumayusi has shown a unique propensity to carry nearly every game his team wins, including an 11-kill thrashing of GEN last week. HLE should be a pretty easy victory for T1, but considering T1 had 20 kills in both games against HLE earlier this split, there should be points galore.

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Effort - Liiv Sandbox $80,000 (vs KT & DK)

Effort has been dirt cheap all split, but with LSB’s rapid rise to the top, he has gone from a borderline troll pick to one of the best budget picks in all of fantasy. That’s precisely what he is this week: his 80k price tag doesn’t reasonably compensate for his team’s first-place status, and LSB should easily defeat KT and should win at least one game against DK (I predict them to win the series, too).


Liiv Sandbox $240,000 (vs KT & DK)

A team that is, I’ll say it yet again, tied for first place costs 240k. That is a ridiculous steal, especially given that one of their opponents, KT, is out of playoffs.

Best Overall Captain: NS deokdam: Aphelios & Ziggs

deokdam has leaned on these two champions in all of his last five games, and they could be part of NS’s formula to fight for first this week. With two series that I think will be victories, deokdam could put up many points with these captains.

Risky Captain: AF Dread: Lee Sin & Xin Zhao

Dread went crazy on Lee Sin last week, going 11/1/7 in one game, and Lee Sin has always been a comfort pick for him throughout his career. But it’s hard to say whether he will turn to it again, as his previous Lee Sin game was July 25. He has liked Xin Zhao this split, so that is another option for him; another could be Diana.