Ten weeks of insane bo3s have led to this moment we have all been waiting for; LCK finally gets into the playoffs, the last major region to do so. We have some insanely close matches this week; T1 vs. LSB is unpredictable, as well as the winner of that vs. Gen G. I won’t hold you guys in the intro for long, so let’s get right into it.

Side note: I slipped an Ambien inside Avery’s coffee yesterday, and he is yet to wake up (Eternal knows all too well about being a victim of such a fate), so I will be taking his position to write the articles for this week.

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Rascal - GEN. G $280,000 (vs T1/LSB or NS/AF)

After last week, it is evident that Gen G. has decided to keep Rascal up in the top lane, especially for matches that matter; Burdol didn’t play a single game last week. Rascal is one of the best top lakers in the league, both in terms of skill and fantasy. Expect some solid points regardless of win or loss.

LoL Jungler Icon


Peanut - NS RedForce $300,000 (vs AF) Alternative Captain Pick: Lee Sin, Xin Zhao

It’s almost like Avery never left! I feel like he has commended this standout jungler long enough to require a peanut allergy warning on these articles, so I won’t say more on this pick. NS is expected to beat AF this week. In his role, Peanut has the best PPW and second-best PPG, might play two matches due to their DK matchup, and can and will go wild.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

Showmaker - Damwon KIA $320,000 (vs T1/LSB or NS/AF)

DK is looking like the team that dominated LCK last split and summer split 2020 again; it is safe to say that DK will smash anybody they oppose; we have all seen what happened to NS the last time they faced DK. Furthermore, while crushing people left and right, they have gained a reputation for bloody games; a good portion of their members rack insane PPW records; Showmaker is one of them. Furthermore, as mentioned above, Showmaker has excellent captain value.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

Ruler - GEN. G $320,000 (vs T1/LSB or NS/AF)

Have you noticed a pattern? I am picking players regardless of the price tag; the reason why shall be written later in the article (unless you already scrolled past everything as soon as you saw the support pick). Ruler is the highest scoring ADC, with very safe captain options and a very safe matchup incoming; I feel like that’s enough to be a desirable pick in any scenario.

LoL Support Icon


Effort - Liiv SANDBOX $50,000 (vs T1)

50,000 FOR THIS GUY?!!?!?!?!?!? I understand the inherent risk in picking the LSB support but hear me out on this one. LSB has looked dominant throughout the entire split, which leads to believe that last week was just a fluke and should therefore be able to take a few games off T1 at least. And although Effort admittedly doesn’t gain that many points per game, this is offset by the fact that this pick allows you to pick pretty much whoever you want regardless of their price, allowing unlimited options while even potentially being an excellent individual choice.


Nongshim RedForce $250,000 (vs AF)

NS is heavily favored to beat AF, and if they do, they get to have another round against DK. Overall many points are to be acquired here.

Best Overall Captain: DK Canyon: Lee Sin & Xin Zhao

Need I explain this? Canyon is pretty much a Lee Sin one trick and has a high chance of yielding a high amount of points vs. NS. If you like winning, this is a very safe bet, at the cost of a high salary.

Risky Captain: AF Leo: Varus & Aphelios

If you’re an Afreeca fan and/or still doubt NS as many people do, then this is the pick for you. I only put Leo in the risky section due to the inherent risk of picking Afreeca, but in reality, he has played six games of Varus in a row; do you think he’s going to deviate? Other than that, he seems to be also an Aphelios enthusiast, so feel free to pick this champion due to its likelihood of being selected in the event Varus does end up receiving the ban hammer.