Esports One Fantasy is back!!! LCS Lock In may be preseason for LCS teams, but it is all systems go for Fantasy. We all may have some rust to knock off when it comes to crafting those perfect lineups, but the stakes and competition level on the site is as high as ever. Let’s take a look and see which players should be in your quarantine bubble and which players you should be socially distanced from this week.

  • SLEEPER: A medium-to-low priced player that is set up well to shock the world (in a good way)
  • BREAKOUT: A player that is poised to drastically outperform their price, whatever it may be
  • BUST: A medium-to-high priced player that will fail to return value on their price
LoL top lane icon

Top Lane


The breakout that we all wanted in the first round did not happen. Actually, the complete opposite happened as it was not a pretty performance. However, that allows Fudge to be an amazing deal considering he should still be on the right side of 3 wins.

ssumday 100thieves

Ssumday’s lack of fantasy production in Round 1 is not as it seems. He played very well, should’ve earned more points, but was victim of terrible Kill Participation. Under 50% all 3 Games! Under 40% in 2 of them! That won’t happen again.

Huni Evil Geniuses

Don’t chase the name. And don’t pick Huni thinking that he can pick on Fudge. Even if he does, it will be a short-lived joy as TSM looked dismal in the first round.

LoL Jungler Icon



Flyquest looked pitiful in the first round, but their star Jungler (that is right, I said star) couldn’t play in any of the games. Now with the roster at full strength and a bonus game on the slate, FLY can earn back that preseason hype everybody was feeding them.

Svenskeren Evil Geniuses

After being allergic to getting Kills for all of Summer Split, Svenskeren has shown that he doesn’t quite hate them after all. With this EG lineup’s potency, Svenskeren can keep up his current 4+ Kills/game average.

santorin flyquest

Just please read player alerts. Or get a Twitter and follow Santorin and/or Team Liquid. We are expecting Santorin to be in the USA and ready to play for next week, but we all know nothing is guaranteed right now…

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane

It was nice to see Damonte lock in an Orianna and be second on the team in Kills for a game. His lack of Kill potential has limited his upside for a full year now, but he is in a position where he has a lot of scoring potential if he starts to break from that role.

Jiizuke Evil Geniuses

Coming into 2021, the Mid Lane options looked like it was Perkz and Jensen on top, then a big gap to the next group of Mids. If last week was any sign, we are witnessing Jiizuke making a case to be included in the elite tier.

perkz g2 esports

Wow what a bust of a first week. He failed to score even half of what we wanted from him. I’m not paying up expecting him to turn it around that quickly, especially in a series against POE.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane

Stixxay Counterlogic Gaming

If you want to save money on Bot, Stixxay is about as safe of an option available. The fact that he has only 1 more death than the lowest total at Lock In shows that he doesn’t have the bottoming-out ability, even in a losing script. Temper expectations greatly for his upside, but his downside won’t int for you.

If Flyquest wants any hope of salvaging their terrible first week, it will be on the back of Johnsun. I expect him to have 40% of the team’s Kills; the tough part is just figuring out how many Kills there will be available.

zven Cloud9

Last in KP after the first round, and he is most likely facing TSM Lost in-lane, who has the least Deaths of all players in the Lock In. It is hard to see him put up gaudy, big numbers this weekend.

LoL Support Icon


Joey proved last week that you can get your entire week of scoring in a single game and still return value, especially when you cost less than $80k. After scoring 30+ in IMT’s lone win, he may be able to do it again against the limping Flyquest team.


People are really just going to let him have Sett aren’t they?? Amazing KP and just overall very well played games from Huhi so far. He just keeps improving as a Support and makes a case to move into the upper LCS tier at the position.

Swordart Suning

Before all the ‘TSM ruining previously great Support’ memes start flying, let’s just cut them some slack and hope brighter days are ahead. But like, you can be polite and still keep TSM members far from your lineup.


immortals logo

Immortals is the only team under $270k that should be expected to win a game. It sounds crazy, but that is just the truth. Pick these guys expecting a win, and then praying they can keep their series slightly competitive.

Team Liquid Logo

Yeah, have you heard of this Team Liquid team? I think they really have a chance to break out and be good. I’m just messing with ya, as we all know, these guys are amazing. This is the lowest you can expect to see their price for a long time.

Golden Guardians Logo

Oddly enough, GG is the cheapest you can go while still guaranteeing that you get the full 3 games (as IMT/FLY/DIG all have a chance to be eliminated). However, they are dead last in my ranks of likeliness to get a win.