This week, the top two in the standings play, so if we didn’t get to see the best of what the league has to offer last week, we would see it now. RNS has nothing to lose and everything to prove as they look to upset the #1 standing team in the league for the entire year, PNG. Remember that RNS took a game off PNG during the split when they looked at their worst, so anything can happen in this matchup. In the meantime, RED is looking to prove that it wasn’t FLA that was garbage, but them simply being good, as they face up against the more consistently dominant team in the league in VXL. 

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Top Lane

fNB - Vorax Liberty $270,000 (vs RED) Captain: Akali, Camille

fNB is an absolute smurfer, and his team knows this well. He is consistently given carry champs such as Akali, Camille, and Lee Sin and is trusted to snowball the game together with Yampi. He averages 31.2 PPG as a toplaner, more than most mid laners and ADCs can speak of in the league. Furthermore, fNB faces RED this week; they love making games bloodbaths. The price is hefty but worth it.

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CarioK - paiN Gaming $300,000 (vs RNS) Captain: Lee Sin, Xin Zhao

The old gods are back on form, rocking an impressive 7-game winstreak, all off the back of this man. He scores the highest on his team by far, so every game PNG plays is about him; he is the guy in the heart of every fight, he is the guy making plays, and he is the guy pushing the game forward and generating points for both his team and your fantasy roster upon picking this star jungler.

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Mid Lane

Yuri -Rensga Esports $260,000 (vs PNG)

Yuri has had a fantastic performance this split; he instantly captured my heart as soon as I saw him play in the first two weeks and how different this team looks with him on the team. When RNS play, he and his synergy with Croc are the people you look at if RNS is to stand a chance; and so far, Yuri has paid dividends for both the team and anyone who picks him; he boasts the second-highest PPW out of all mid laners

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Bot Lane

Matsukaze - Vorax Liberty $310,000 (vs RED)

To understand this pick, you should realize that in CBLOL, the bot side is hardly played around; most fights occur on the top side of the map. So your best bet is a consistent player who will net you points by purely winning, and VXL is predicted to win vs. RED. Overall a safe, consistent pick you can expect to pull his weight.

LoL Support Icon


Luci - paiN Gaming $110,000 (vs RNS)

I remember swearing up and down not to pick this guy in fantasy leagues for the first seven weeks of the split, but over time, he has matured to be a person to look towards for high points and consistency at the same time. It also has the bonus of PNG having the odds in their favor.


paiN Gaming $260,000 (vs RNS)

I already explained this pick earlier for Luci; they’re the best team in the league standing-wise, so that alone should be enough reason to snag this pick for such a budget price. Furthermore, they play against a team that has shown anything but consistency throughout the entire split; they’re just overall favored against RNS on all fronts.