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Bargain Shopping: Week 9

In this week’s article of Bargain Shopping there are some premium steals. Give this a read if you need a cheaper player that will still perform!

Top Scorers: Week 8

It’s time to dig into the top scorers for Week 8 and see which team claimed the most spots when all was said and done.

LoL Champion Picks

Champion Picks: Week 9

The LoL Fantasy Champion Picks Week 9 Spring 2020 article is a helpful resource for determining which Champion’s you should pick for your Captain each

LoL Fantasy Best and Worst Performers

Best and Worst Performers: Week 8

The best and worst performers of Week 8 have been decided, read more to see if anyone you picked was one of the best (or worst)!

The Deep Dive: Week 8b

In this week’s Deep Dive Tim discusses Bjergsen’s underappreciated play for Team Solomid in the LCS Spring 2020 regular season.

League of Legends Fantasy Resources

To maximise the enjoyment of playing LoL Fantasy, we have provided a few resources including personalities, research tools and new sources.

Fantasy LoL Best value players

Best Value Players: Week 8

Best Values? What is that? Every option you are presented to fill your lineup has their own inherent value that is built into their Salary.

Champion Picks: Week 8

We look at the current LCS and LEC Champion meta and give advice based on the best choices for your Captains!

E1 Fantasy Pick and Avoid Cover

Pick and Avoid: Week 8

We take you through those players that you must have an those that you should definitely leave out of your roster this week.

LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping cover art

Bargain Shopping: Week 8

Fantasy Bargain Shopping discusses the best players to purchase without breaking the bank! Maybe this contain the key to success in Week 8?




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