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LEC Playoffs: Complete Guide

We give a complete breakdown on the LEC Playoffs format. This is a living article so we will update it after the weekends matches!

E1 Fantasy Pick and Avoid Cover

Pick and Avoid: Playoffs 1

What is Pick and Avoid? We find you the top 5 players and a team to pick for Playoffs Round 1, while recommending 5 players

Top Scorers: Week 9

It’s time to dig into the top scorers of Week 8 and see which team claimed the most spots when all was said and done.

lol fantasy best and worst performers

Best and Worst Performers: Week 9

The best and worst performers for Week 9 have been decided, read more to see if anyone you picked was one of the best (or worst)!

Fantasy LEC

Intro to Fantasy LEC

We take you through how LEC Fantasy works and what to do on the E1 Fantasy Platform.

E1 Fantasy Pick and Avoid Cover

Pick and Avoid: Week 9

In Pick and Avoid Week 9, we take a look at who is a must have and who you should avoid this week in the LCS/LEC.




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