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Fantasy Preview: Schalke 04

Schalke 04’s new roster turned many heads during the offseason. After falling just short of appearing in the Summer finals, they made some changes many consider to be downgrades.

Fantasy Preview: Fnatic

Fnatic showed that they’re confident that their roster from last year will once again be able to contest G2 as the best European team by only replacing one player.

Fantasy Preview: Misfits

Following a disappointing Summer split last year, Misfits revamped over half of their roster in hopes of starting off the new year on the right foot.

League of Legends Stats cover image for E1 fantasy

Stats 101: League of Legends

Let’s Talk League of Legends Stats We love League of Legends stats. We eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even snack on them

Fantasy Preview: Excel Esports

After a rather disappointing Summer split last year, Excel swapped out the least consistent part of their roster in hopes of finding success in 2020.

Fantasy Preview: G2 Esports

Coming off a worlds finals appearance, and a wildly successful fantasy year, G2 look to continue their dominance in 2020.

Fantasy Preview: 100 Thieves

100 Thieves’ plan to bounce back in 2020 involves the return of some old faces, along with a surprising new player from a wildcard region.

Fantasy Preview: Dignitas

Dignitas returns to the LCS with a brand new roster made up of equal parts veterans and rookies in hopes of surpassing what Clutch Gaming did last split.

Fantasy Preview: Team Liquid

With only one big change in the offseason, The Team Liquid players are looking to once again dominate the LCS in fantasy points.

Fantasy Preview: Golden Guardians

A role swapped support and import from France have joined this new Golden Guardians roster in hopes of escaping mediocrity.




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