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Fantasy LEC

Intro to Fantasy LEC

We take you through how LEC Fantasy works and what to do on the E1 Fantasy Platform.

Deep Dive Tim Sevenhuysen

The Deep Dive: Week 9

Every week Tim Sevenhuysen focuses on a topic to take a Deep Dive into. This week he looks at LEC/LCS players and their fantasy values!

The Deep Dive: Week 8b

In this week’s Deep Dive Tim discusses Bjergsen’s underappreciated play for Team Solomid in the LCS Spring 2020 regular season.

League of Legends Fantasy Resources

To maximise the enjoyment of playing LoL Fantasy, we have provided a few resources including personalities, research tools and new sources.

The Deep Dive: Week 8a

What’s Wrong With Team Liquid? Team Liquid currently holds a 6-8 record in the 2020 LCS Spring split, tied for seventh with the Golden Guardians

The Deep Dive: Week 7

In this weeks Deep Dive we take a look at FlyQuest with their recent success and ask the question ‘are they the real deal?’

The Deep Dive: Week 6

Each week on The Deep Dive, Tim Sevenhuysen analyzes an element of the LoL esports scene. This week he dives into the LEC and the fight for first place.

The Deep Dive: Week 5

By the time LCS playoffs roll around, will anyone be able to compete with Cloud9?

The Deep Dive: Week 4

The Bot lane role is probably the most straightforward in League of Legends: your job is to farm better than your lane opponent and deal




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