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Patch Notes 1.1 Cover Image E1 Fantasy

Patch Notes 1.1: Open Beta & More!

Patch Notes 1.1 is super exciting as we get to announce the Open Beta for E1 Fantasy. Everyone can play E1 Fantasy now – Click Here OPEN

Patch Notes 1.0

E1 Fantasy Patch Notes for the 1/31. We discuss scoring updates, FAQ, our Discord Bot and list the bugs we fixed over the past week.

Fantasy Preview: FlyQuest

Flyquest look to bounce back after a disappointing summer split in 2019 with some roster swaps that could make them a stronger fantasy contender.

Counter Logic Gaming cover image

Fantasy Preview: CLG

With some big changes on CLG, we preview their fantasy potential.

Fantasy Preview: TSM

We preview TSM and provide insight into whether they can put up the fantasy points the fans expect.

Fantasy Preview: Cloud9

We preview the new Cloud9 roster and provide insight into their fantasy projections.




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