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NLC Fantasy

Fantasy Guide to NLC Fall Open

E1 Fantasy has partnered with the NLC to bring an exclusive fantasy League of Legends experience to the fans! You can play fantasy for free

Semifinals Captain Picks Worlds 2020

Captain Picks Semifinals Worlds ’20

Important Playoff Updates: Lineups lock 3am PT on 10/24 Not sure how to set a Lineup? Click Here!  With so little options for players, choosing your

New Feature: Cash Cups

Introducing Cash Cups While playing Fantasy League of Legends on E1 Fantasy is free and for fun, we also wanted to spice it up for

Worlds Fantasy Format + New Features!

Welcome to the most hype competition that E1 Fantasy has hosted, Fantasy Worlds! In this article we will take you through how Fantasy for Worlds

Ranked Fantasy

The Future of Competitive Viewing Introducing E1 Fantasy Ranked What is ranked? Up until now, the main indicator of fantasy skill has been your movement

Patch notes 1.3 e1 fantasy

Patch Notes: 1.3

In Patch Notes 1.3 there are some awesome additions to the platform including a rule change (you’ll love this) and player alert icons! Get ready

Official E1 Fantasy Rules and Scoring

RULES All participants will complete a lineup using Players and Teams from the available player pool, which consists of all Organizations participating in the upcoming

Play Fantasy LoL With Friends

How To Play E1 Fantasy With Friends

If you are a seasoned gamer, then you will have a real mix of online and IRL friends. Playing LoL Fantasy with friends is not




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