Hello Product Hunters! After running our closed Beta over the Spring, we are launching the full E1 Fantasy platform on Product Hunt. First of all we would like to thank the E1 Fantasy community for playing, submitting feature requests and your constant support!

As a special offer to our gaming hunters, sign up in the next 24 hours and we’ll give you FREE access to our 2020 Summer Event Pass.

Playing E1 Fantasy

Great news, the 2020 Summer season starts on May 16th, which means it’s just around the corner! The season runs for 9 weeks with approximately 3 weeks of playoffs.

If you are too excited to wait, we have one week left in the Spring season which you can set a lineup for now!

If you are new to either League of Legends or fantasy sports, don’t worry, we will explain how to play E1 Fantasy later in the article.

Watch Games Live on E1 Fantasy

The Product Hunter Perk

We are excited to announce we will be launching our first Seasonal Pass: The E1 Summer Pass! Don’t forget our Product Hunters that sign up in the next 24 hours will get it for FREE!

What the Summer Pass includes:

Customization rewards

  • Badges
  • Frames
  • Themes/Skins
  • Player/Team Portraits

Fantasy Hub

  • Content
  • Data
  • Weekly Newsletter

VIP Discord Access

It's packed with a ton of goodies, so get excited

Fantasy League of Legends Explained

Fantasy esports is a stats based game where you create an imaginary team (called a lineup) made up of real, professional esports players. When your players compete in their matches, your fantasy team will score points based on how well each individual performs. The better your players do in their matches, the higher your team will score. Your goal is to score the most points possible each week, so you can climb the leaderboard and be showered with glory!

How it Works

  1. You have a salary of $1.5M that you get to spend on your lineup (5 players and 1 team) every week.
  2. Players that score well will cost more, so you will need to have a mix of talent.
  3. If you want to discover more about the players you can research using our stats drawer, recommendation articles, or clicking on a player’s name.
  4. Lock in your lineup!
  5. The fun part: watch the games live and see your points increase in real-time.
  6. Check the leaderboard to see how you compared to others!


We grabbed just a few (of many) user testimonials from our from Discord community and Twitter!