The Champion Meta Analysis Week 3 is a crucial article to read for picking the right Champions for your Captain! If you are unsure how captains work, we recommend reading up on our Scoring System.

In this article we take you through the top 3 picks for each role and provide some insight into whether they are worth picking.

Keep in mind there has only been two weeks played so the Champion meta will change a fair bit!


 LEC Most Played:  

Ornn – 9 times
Aatrox – 7 times
Gangplank – 5 times

 LCS Most Played:  

 Aatrox – 12 times 
 Gangplank – 5 times
 Ornn – 5 times

These champions have stayed pretty consistent for the Top Lane in both the LCS and LEC. Aatrox for the LCS and Ornn for the LEC are both solid picks for your captain. Both Champions have low win rates which seems like a negative, but paring it with a Top Tier player means their win rate will naturally be higher and therefore their score will be high.


LEC Most Played:

– 11 times
Javan IV – 8 times 
 Elise – 7 times


LCS Most Played:

 Lee Sin – 12 times 
 Jarvan IV – 9 times
 RekSai– 6 times

Similar to Top Lane, the Junglers have been playing similar Champions every match. It’s hard to go past picking Lee Sin for the LCS and Gragas for the LEC. The main difference to the Top Lane picks, is that both of these Champions have a ridiculously high win rate, 58% for Lee Sin (LCS) and 82% for Gragas (LEC). This indicates that there are much higher banning priorities in the current Champion Meta then banning Jungle Champions. 


LEC Most Played:

 LeBlanc – 7 times   
Cassiopeia – 5 times 
 Pantheon/Qiyana – 4 times

LCS Most Played:

LeBlanc– 7 times 
Zoe – 7 times
Syndra/Orianna– 4 times

Mid Lane is always a challenge to pick the correct Champions for your Captain. This is due to the versatility of the players’ Champion pool and the constant shift in the Champion Meta. For example, Perkz who is the highest scoring Mid Laner has played 4 different Champions over his 4 matches, making it hard to rely on him as a Captain. If you do decide to pick a Mid Laner for Captain, LeBlanc would be the most reliable pick for both leagues, shortly followed by Zoe for the LCS. 


LEC Most Played:

Senna – 10 times   
Aphelios – 9 times 
 Miss Fortune – 9 times

LCS Most Played:

 Senna– 15 times 
 Aphelios – 10 times
Xayah– 6 times

I could write a massive essay on which Champions to pick for your Bot Lane Captain…. but I think this one is pretty clear 🤣


  LEC Most Played:

Braum – 14 times   
 Rakan – 9 times 
Nautilus – 8 times

  LCS Most Played:

Tahm Kench– 10 times 
Rakan – 7 times
Thresh/Leona– 6 times

Supports have shown to be a reliable source for Captain picks, especially Braum for the LEC and Tahm Kench for the LCS. The downside to Supports is they tend to score less on the fantasy points scale. With this in mind, you are weighing the chance of the Champion being picked verses the points scored by the role.

Looking at the Champion Meta Analysis Week 3 it is clear that the most stable roles to pick your Captain from are Top, Jungle and Bot. You can consider Support, but the risk is that players tend to score less points on average in this role. We strongly recommend not picking a Mid as your Captain with so much uncertainty in the Meta.