Pick and Avoid: Week 3

No more sleeping on the Misfits! After filling their lineup with players from non-major regions in the offseason and getting blown out in Week 1 games, Misfits’ plan of tanking their fantasy LoL salaries finally paid off. They just wanted to be sleepers and help you win, well hopefully you picked them… Even if it didn’t, we can make up for it in Week 3 and avoid the busts on the way (Sleepers & Busts).

Now with the ability to create private leaderboard on the site, there is more than just money on the line… there are bragging rights. Which is way more valuable than $100k!

  • Sleeper: Player that is low price or an unpopular selection that will greatly outperform their perceived value
  • Bust: Player that is priced highly or expected to be chosen frequently that will not score enough points to make the investment worthwhile

Top Laners

Sleeper: IMT sOAZ $130,000 vs 100 & CLG

Whoa what year is it…? 2020?! And I’m still picking sOAZ?! Well it hasn’t turned out well for you if you picked him in Weeks 1 or 2, but this is shaping up to be his week. He is the absolute cheapest Top laner on the slate and has a matchup against Free-LG and Ssumday, who is fresh off of a 0.5 point game. sOAZ won’t pop off like he once used to, but he can get you production for a good price (surprised to see sOAZ on this side of the sleepers & busts list?) .

Bust: G2 Wunder $330,000 vs RGE & FNC

This one is easy… I DON’T WANT MY TOP LANER PLAYING SORAKA! Wunder played the Champion in both of his Week 2 matches and totaled ZERO kills. Zilch… This coming after a Week 1 total of 9 kills. Wunder played more like a Top-Support and I don’t want to pay up for that.


Sleeper: IMT Xmithie $210,000 vs 100 & CLG

Ever hear of ‘talking into existence?’ Well don’t call me LaVar Ball, but I may be doing that here with Xmithie. He came into the season with much lower expectations than his Team Liquid days, but has still managed to disappoint. However, like sOAZ, the matchups are about as good as he will get all season. We know he has the talent, but this is his last chance to stay in my weekly consideration.

Bust: RGE Inspired $280,000 vs G2 & MAD

So in Week 2, we found out that Rogue is not quite ready to contend for the top spot in the LEC. However, they still are a very good team, but will get the majority of production from beating teams they know they are better than. G2 is DEFINITELY not one of those teams and MAD Lions may not be either. Come back to Inspired during a week that doesn’t feature G2, OG or FNC.

Mid Laners

Sleeper: S04 Abbedagge $230,000 vs MSF & SK

Nothing helps out sleeper status like a four-game losing streak! All expectations of S04 have been thrown out the window, but Abbedagge has been doing everything he can. He currently sits right in the middle for points/game for Mids, and that came without winning a game. With a shot at a 2-0 week in sight, I expect him to set a new season high total.

Bust: RGE Larssen $300,000 vs G2 & MAD

Everything I said about Inspired above still reigns true here, not to mention that Larssen is even more expensive. Perkz was absolutely popping off in Week 2, and matchup, paired with Jankos occupying the surrounding jungle, could end up completely cancelling out a game for Larssen. Don’t take a player in a one-game week 🙂

Bot Laners

Sleeper: S04 Forg1ven $190,000 vs MSF & SK

*insert ‘Here We Go Again’ meme here* Even a 0-4 start can’t scare off the 2016 H2K fan boy in me. Even though Forg1ven clearly has needed to knock some rust off, he has made it very clear that he wants to fight, fight, fight. This hasn’t worked in his favor yet, but S04 has yet to play a team that is currently outside the top 6 in the standings… until Week 3 (it must feel good to see Forg1ven on this side of the sleepers & busts).

Bust: XL Patrik $260,000 vs FNC & VIT

Patrik had an absolute dream set up in Week 2, playing two of the bottom four teams in the LEC. Even with the pretty set up, Patrik couldn’t crack the top five in points at the position. Now his week starts with a head-to-head matchup against Rekkles, a player that went 14/0/14 in Week 2. Even a Vitality matchup following it up can’t convince me to pick him (XL fans won’t like to see Patrik on this side of the sleepers & busts).


Sleeper: EG Zeyzal $220,000 vs CLG & FLY

EG has been one of the biggest disappointments of the year so far, sitting at 1-3 after giving GG their first win of the split. Taking a deeper look at it though, Zeyzal has been extremely involved in the team’s ‘success’ (the small glimpses of it they have shown). In the two games the EG had more kills than their opponent (100 & GG) Zeyzal combined for a 0/0/21 line with a 75% KP. He is a large part of their win condition, so if you think they can beat CLG & FLY, then you should be grabbing Zeyzal (it feels good to see an EG player on this side of the sleepers & busts list).

Bust: GG Keith $80,000 vs TSM & TL

I know, I know, he is the cheapest starter on the slate and nobody was going to pick him anyways. So why is he on here? Mainly to point out the crazy fact that he has scored NEGATIVE points in 3 of his 4 matches and is currently sporting a hot 0.4 points/game. The role swap experiment has not been a success so far….


Sleeper: Schalke 04 $170,000 vs MSF & SK

The best setup for a ‘sleeper team’ is picking a team that pulls of a 2-0 week when nobody expects it. Well, not a lot of people will be looking at ‘Schalke 0-4’ to turn their season around so quickly. The Faith-o-meter has decreased with each loss, but now S04 gets their best week of matchups yet. Get back on the bandwagon before all the 2016 H2K fans do.

Bust: Counter Logic Gaming $210,000 vs EG & IMT

Just let the trainwreck continue and try to stay as far away from it as you can… There is not enough upside here to try to predict it a week before it comes. Just save yourself the tears and keep your distance.


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