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The Worlds ’20 Play-Ins has been called the most competitive year since Worlds began, with the teams from minor regions stepping up big time! We couldn’t resist gathering the top 5 best Worlds Play-In matches so they can be celebrated. Not only are these matches the most exciting, they are also some of the most shocking results!

Best Worlds Play-In Matches

1. PSG Talon vs Unicorns of Love

After both teams finished the Play-Ins group stage tied, they were forced to play a time breaker to automatically qualify for the next round. PSG was a team with 3 substitute players and UoL had come off a season with only a single loss! 

2. LGD Gaming vs Rainbow7

This game could be considered one of the biggest upsets of the Play-Ins group stage. The LLA representative Rainbow7 entered the match with a 0-2 record, and a match against the Chinese 4th seed looked like another loss on paper. The game was an absolute cliff hanger, with some of the most exciting team fights over objectives!

3. MAD Lions vs INTZ

The opening match of Worlds Play-Ins seemed like it was going to be a blow out with MAD Lions being an EU powerhouse with a stacked roster. Let’s just say that INTZ came to play and the game although started slow became fast paced and was super close! This was a must feature on our ‘Worlds Top 5 Best Play-Ins Match’. 

4. Rainbow7 vs Unicorns of Love

This was another one of those games where the fans assumed a UoL domination. They picked the domination part….but not the team that was going to come out on top. This was a Josedeodo smurf performance. 

5. INTZ vs Team Liquid

Intz was walking into a must win game to make the Worlds Play-In time breakers against the 3-0 Team Liquid. With no wins under their belt they had to pull off the miracle….

Thank you for checking out the ‘Top 5 Best Worlds Play-In Matches’. We do a few of these tier lists so check them out on the bottom of the page. 

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