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Top 5 Fantasy LoL Platforms for Spring 2021

Fantasy LoL is all the talk in esports leading into the Spring Split. With new platforms arising and unique formats being created, we thought we’d share our thoughts on the top 5 LoL fantasy platforms so you can determine which one fits your needs the best! Note: this isn’t in any order of best fantasy League of Legends platform to worst.

Daily vs Season long? Playing for fun or playing for money? Which style would YOU rather use?

Today we’re going to look at The top 5 LoL Fantasy Platforms for Spring Split 2021. With so may formats and styles we want to give you the information necessary to take your LoL viewing to the next level!

Criteria We Examined:

  • Ease of use
  • Unique functionality/Cost
  • Esports Authentic

1. E1 Fantasy

Our Authentic fantasy LoL platform from the esports stats experts and creators of Esportspedia, Esports One.

Whether you’re a League of Legends fan or just love fantasy sports in general, E1 Fantasy is for you. E1 Fantasy uses both a season long format and a daily format, while incorporating the fun to use salary system from the daily style of fantasy. The platform has a ton of unique stats, fantasy articles and is constantly rolling out new features.  Join our Discord to chat to our community members, they will vouch for us being in the top 5 LoL fantasy platform list.

Why you’ll love E1 Fantasy

  • Simple to use
  • Tons of features + LoL stats 
  • League of Legends focused
  • Free to play!

2. Thrive Fantasy

Thrive is a daily fantasy platform for a range of sports and includes LoL and DOTA.

Thrive made the top 5 LoL fantasy platforms because of it’s unique combination of DFS and pick’ems. The platform uses a different style of drafting from salaries, it’s a really cool concept.

Why we love Thrive

  • App format
  • Covers a range of sports and esports titles
  • Simple to use

3. Draft Kings

Love making money? Then Draft Kings is your style! This DFS platform is for quick games and quick money.

We had to include Draft Kings in the best fantasy League of Legends list because it has been a hit with the gambling community for a while. It’s LoL experience is less about being immersed in the game and more about capitalizing on your knowledge to win cash.

Why we love Draft Kings

  • Easy to use app
  • Covers a range of titles including traditional sport
  • You can win money

4. Draftbuff

Casual fantasy esports app for those that prefer a simpler experience. .

Phone app, Draftbuff, also made the top 5 LoL fantasy list as it follows the traditional style of fantasy. If you want to play with friends, but prefer to do your research side out of platform this is your pick.

Why we love Draftbuff

  • App based
  • Free to use
  • Simple + easy to use features

5. Super LEC

Card based fantasy game for the LEC, uses cards to give buffs to your players. .

If you are used to TCG’s this is a great fantasy choice for you, it combines the collecting of cards, buying packs and adding items to players for bonus scores. It’s a very unique fantasy (maybe a little play to win), but it deserves a mention in the top 5 LoL fantasy platforms list.

Why we love Super LEC

  • Card game format
  • Includes Coaches as a roster spot
  • Creative use of giving weapons to players

Thank you for checking out the ‘The Top 5 LoL Fantasy Platforms for Spring Split 2021’! Remember these platforms are all unique, but collectively are the best fantasy League of Legends platforms out there.

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