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Fantasy LEC Spring Week 1 Picks

Esports One Fantasy is back!!! While the LCS is warming up with the Lock In tournament, LEC is getting right into the action in grand

Contests Guide

Esports One Fantasy Contests Guide

All of our team has been hard at work striving to make Esports One Fantasy even better for all of you. We have redesigned parts

LEC Rosters 2021

Official LEC Rosters 2021

The 2021 offseason left little to the imagination with major changes to every team, except Vitality. New faces will debut, while we adjust to the

LEC Offseason Roster Moves 2021

LEC Off-Season Roster Moves For 2021

After an impressive Worlds 2020 run by the “old guard” of the LEC, everyone is waiting to see where the Uma Jan lands on the

Patch Notes 1.2 - ready for playoffs

Playoffs: Format & Scoring

We discuss the LEC/LCS Playoffs Format including; changes to scoring, duration, changes to Champion pick for Captains and prizes

The Best Junglers in the LEC and LCS

The LEC is full of jungle talent, starting with G2’s Jankos and Origen’s Xerxe and continuing with upcoming challengers like Shad0w of the MAD Lions and Razork of Misfits Gaming. But one player

Top 5 LEC Teams of All-time

Top 5 LEC Teams of All-Time

The Beatles. The Clash. The G2 Esports. Some of the most talented groups of all time have come from Europe. Although all well known, only

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