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E1 Fantasy Pick and Avoid Cover

Pick and Avoid: Week 9

In Pick and Avoid Week 9, we take a look at who is a must have and who you should avoid this week in the LCS/LEC.

Fantasy LoL Best value players

Best Value Players: Week 9

In the Best Value Players Week 9, we look at who is hot on the bargain rack at your local esports-mart!

Deep Dive Tim Sevenhuysen

The Deep Dive: Week 9

Every week Tim Sevenhuysen focuses on a topic to take a Deep Dive into. This week he looks at LEC/LCS players and their fantasy values!

Bargain Shopping: Week 9

In this week’s article of Bargain Shopping there are some premium steals. Give this a read if you need a cheaper player that will still perform!

Top Scorers: Week 8

It’s time to dig into the top scorers for Week 8 and see which team claimed the most spots when all was said and done.

LoL Champion Picks

Champion Picks: Week 9

The LoL Fantasy Champion Picks Week 9 Spring 2020 article is a helpful resource for determining which Champion’s you should pick for your Captain each

LoL Fantasy Best and Worst Performers

Best and Worst Performers: Week 8

The best and worst performers of Week 8 have been decided, read more to see if anyone you picked was one of the best (or worst)!

The Deep Dive: Week 8b

In this week’s Deep Dive Tim discusses Bjergsen’s underappreciated play for Team Solomid in the LCS Spring 2020 regular season.

Fantasy LoL Best value players

Best Value Players: Week 8

Best Values? What is that? Every option you are presented to fill your lineup has their own inherent value that is built into their Salary.




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