How to Play E1 Fantasy in Discord with OneBot

Play fantasy league of legends in Discord with OneBot

Fantasy League of Legends is super fun, but it’s the best when you’re playing with your friends. We built OneBot, a Discord bot that is connected to E1 Fantasy so you can play fantasy LoL with your friends in Discord! 

With OneBot, you can:

  • Share your fantasy lineup
  • Check your standing on the leaderboard
  • Get notifications before a player on your lineup competes in a match and whenever they earn points

Whether you want to use OneBot yourself to receive notifications before your lineup players compete, or you want to get the gamers in your Discord server playing Fantasy League of Legends with you, it’s easy to get started.

Want to try it out before adding OneBot to your server? Join the E1 Fantasy Discord server and try using the 1!lineup and 1!leaderboard commands in any server channel!

League of Legends Discord Bot: OneBot OneBot Tip ☝️ – Playing Fantasy LoL With Your Discord Server

So, you want to play fantasy League of Legends with your Discord server. Here’s how you get started:

  • If you’re not playing yet, sign up here to play fantasy LoL
  • Add OneBot to your Discord server, if it’s not already there
  • Follow the instructions here to connect your Fantasy account with Discord

OneBot is now in your server and connected to your E1 Fantasy League of Legends account! Make an announcement to everyone else in your Discord server and let them know how to start playing Fantasy LoL and using OneBot (they’ll have to connect their fantasy accounts with Discord as well).

Here are some of the cool things OneBot can do if you’re playing fantasy League of Legends.

Get Fantasy Notifications From OneBot

One of the best parts about playing fantasy League of Legends is watching the matches that players on your lineup are competing in! OneBot makes this easy by sending you a DM (direct message) whenever someone on your lineup is about to play a match so you can tune into the action.

OneBot will also send you a message whenever a player on your lineup earns fantasy points, along with reminders and fantasy news to help you set your lineup each week.

League of Legends Discord Bot: OneBot OneBot Tip ☝️ – Turning on Fantasy Notifications

Start here if you haven’t completed these steps already:

Next, direct message (DM) OneBot: 1!notifications on and follow the steps below.


Share Your Fantasy Lineup in Discord

Command: 1!lineup

Where: Any server channel with OneBot

When you’re playing fantasy League of Legends on E1 Fantasy, you’ll be building the strongest lineup of LCS & LEC players possible each week of the season.

Theorycrafting a lineup to try and score more fantasy points than your friends is one of the most rewarding parts of playing fantasy! And it’s even better when you’re playing fantasy LoL against your friends in Discord and want to show off how much better your lineup is than theirs 😎.

Use OneBot's 1!lineup command to see your fantasy league of legends lineup in Discord

See Your Fantasy Leaderboard Rank in Discord

Command: 1!leaderboard or 1!lb

Where: Any server channel with OneBot

It wouldn’t be a competition for your server if you couldn’t see a leaderboard!

One of the coolest things about OneBot’s leaderboard command is that you can choose to see either a global leaderboard of everyone playing Fantasy LoL, or you can just look at a leaderboard of people playing Fantasy LoL in YOUR Discord server!

  • Click the 💻 Reaction = Discord Server Leaderboard
  • Click the 🌎 Reaction = Global Leaderboard
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