Pick and Avoid Week 9 Summer 2020

Guide to LCS Week 8

To pick, or not to pick. Who to avoid is just as important as to who you flock towards as you need to make sure your whole lineup is set to pop-off, from Top to Team. Have this article be your ultimate guide to navigating LCS Week 8. Choose wisely!

**Prices vary on each platform as each site has their own Total Salary. (E1 Fantasy $1,500,000) (Draftkings $50,000) (Fanduel $60,000)

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane


impact team liquid

It is not a coincidence that TL’s 5-game win streak has lined up with the best 5-game stretch of Impact’s year. After Week 3, Impact was the only starting Top in the LCS to have a Kill Participation under 50%. His KP has been over 75% in 3 of his 4 since Week 3 and he is averaging 3 Kills a game in that stretch. We desperately need some more strong options up Top, and Impact is helping to fill the void.

Hauntzer Golden Guardians

The average Kill Participation of LCS Top Laners is 60%. Well, Hauntzer’s KP has been above 80% the last three games, which is incredible. This is not a fluke either, as it hasn’t even dipped below 69% in any of the last 8 games. He has been prioritized greatly by GG, has Closer on his side, and is being trusted on a variety of Champions. 100 & CLG is a tough schedule, but GG just beat C9 so anything can happen.


Huni Evil Geniuses

Huni - Evil Geniuses vs TSM & FLY ($230k/$3.2k/$3.2k)

Huni’s volitile playstyle creates way to risk to trust him this week.

Solo - Flyquest vs DIG & EG ($170k/$2.2k/$2.1k)

The weak spot on the FLY team has been getting exploited far too often.

LoL Jungler Icon



Cloud9 Blaber

I was split between putting Santorin or Blaber here, which really is a nod to just how dominant Santorin has been producing all year long. Even though you can’t go wrong with either, there is no denying just how dominant Blaber has been. He is tied for the most Kills in the LCS (of ANY position) with 44, which is 15 ahead of 2nd place Santorin. And although he doesn’t need the motivation, you have to expect the ‘TSM upsetting C9’ storyline to fuel this MVP even more.

broxah team liquid

Last week was exactly what I needed to see from Broxah. A game where he was very involved in the fights (85% KP) and another game where he was bringing the Kills himself (5/0/7 line on Graves). Let’s hope those afk farming days don’t make a return.


Wiggily CLG Counterlogic Gaming

Wiggily - Counter Logic Gaming vs C9 & FLY ($180k/$3.1k/$2.9k)

You want your Jungler to be involved, and Wiggily is dead last at KP at the position.

Contractz 100thieves

Contractz - 100 Thieves vs TL & GG ($240k/$3.7k/$3.9k)

Don’t expect much action against the two slowest playing teams in the LCS.

LoL Mid Lane Icon

Mid Lane


powerofevil flyquest

Who is Blaber tied with for the LCS lead in Kills? POE, baby! Wanna hear a crazy stat? CLG has played 8 games this split, POE has 6+ Kills in 6 of them! To put that in context, C9 Mid Laner Nisqy only has 1 game of 6 Kills. This weekend his in-lane opponents are the LCS leader in Deaths (Jiizuke) and a player who just died 9 times after getting the promotion from Academy. Points incoming!

Insanity Immortals

After just 5 games into his LCS career, Insanity looks like he belongs. Across the 5 games, he has 13 Kills to only 4 Deaths, and has 3 games in which he didn’t even die. Now IMT has their first game in which they are actually favored, followed by a EG team that loves to fight. It is hard to save money on your Mid Laner, but Insanity lets you do that


jensen team liquid

Jensen - Team Liquid vs FLY & IMT ($310k/$4.9k/$5.0k)

Jensen has proven that he doesn’t quite have the upside at the other elite options at the position.

Damonte - Golden Guardians vs 100 & CLG ($260k/$3.8k/$3.3k)

Damonte’s success has been all about Assists, not Kills, which gives a nice floor but prevents him from really being able to rack up points.

LoL bot lane icon

Bot Lane


FBI Golden Guardians

No Bot laner is more integral to their team’s success than FBI is to GG. This has become even more apparent with Damonte taking a step back in priority, only getting 1 Kill to 19 Assists over the weekend. Among LCS Bot Laners, FBI is 2nd in Kill Participation, 2nd in DPM, 3rd in DMG%, and 1st in GD and CSD @10. GG runs through FBI and wants him to lead the team in every category that he can. Now he is given the rare opportunity to face two teams below him in the standings in the same weekend. He won’t throw away his shot.

Johnsun is very good. He is so good that even in an extremely unfortunate fantasy situation, he is able to shine. Even when DIG was 0-8, he still KDA above 3.0 in all but 1 game. DIG will have a very tough time defeating either of IMT or EG, but DIG will be putting all their faith in their star ADC to get the job done. His skill gives him a solid floor, which is helpful when going for this much of a risk/reward player. Even though DIG may not win, if they do, Johnsun can lead the entire position in scoring.


Doublelift TSM

Doublelift - Team SoloMid vs DIG & EG ($270k/$3.2k/$3.8k)

This is not the Doublelift we have seen in the past, and you shouldn’t the 2018 version to walk through the door.

Apollo Immortals

Apollo - Immortals vs C9 & EG ($240k/$3.2k/$3.2k)

Facing down the two best Bot Laners in the LCS, Apollo has an uphill battle ahead of him just to keep his score positive.

LoL Support Icon




He had 23 Assists in a game!! Although I definitely don’t expect to see another 20+ Assist game from Huhi, I do expect him and lane-buddy FBI to outmatch the bottom two teams of the LCS. Even though Huhi has improved immensely as a Support, my vote for him is still more about my confidence in FBI. They are a cute couple.

Ignar Flyquest

If I am paying up for a Support, I want him to have a clear shot at a 2-0 and expect a lot of Kills in those matches. Flyquest has the two worst LCS teams this weekend and leads the entire LCS in Kills. Ignar and Vulcan are the only Supports that have proven they can lead the position on a weekly basis, and Ignar has the perfect schedule to do it for the second-straight week.


Zeyzal Evil Geniuses

Zeyzal - Evil Geniuses vs TSM & FLY ($90k/$2.2k/$2.0k)

EG has proven that they are totally fine avoiding fights and winning through objectives, something you don’t want to hear from your Support’s team.

Poome - 100 Thieves vs TL & GG ($80k/$1.9k/$1.8k)

Do not bet your week on a rookie support making his pro debut within 2 years of his career.



Golden Guardians Logo

My perfect team would go 2-0 and grab as many Dragons as possible (the most recurring source of points for a Team). Well, nobody plays around the Dragon better than Golden Guardians (other than C9, they are too good). C9 and GG lead the LCS in Dragon % and are the only two teams to average over 3 Dragons per game. Besides being bottom two in the LCS standings, GG’s opponents are also in the bottom four of both those Dragons stats.

Team Liquid Logo

What a way to make a statement. Not only did TL cement their spot as the 2nd best team in the LCS, but the TL Team also showed complete control of every single objective on the map. Two straight wins that each included; 4 Dragons, 2 Barons, and 2 Rift Heralds. Dream Team setup right there.


100 Thieves Logo

100 Thieves vs TL & GG ($220k/$3.2k/$3.4k)

With Dragons being the lifeblood of Team Scoring, you would be smart to avoid the team with the lowest Dragon Control % in the League.

CLG Logo

Counter Logic Gaming vs C9 & FLY ($190k/$2.9k/$3.0k)

It is tough for a team to score in a loss, and CLG is the clearest 0-2 on the LCS slate.

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