Esports One Fantasy Worlds Pass Guide 2021

Esports One Fantasy Worlds Pass Guide 2021

The LoL Worlds Championship 2021 is finally here, which means Esports One Fantasy is back and better than ever. In preparation for Worlds, the team has been hard at work building our newest feature, the Worlds Pass, and new contest formats so that there is never a shortage of fantasy to play!

Introducing Worlds Pass

We are excited to announce our Worlds Pass feature, which will create endless opportunities for unique partnerships with brands and creators. Our goal is to create an experience where you can earn rewards for playing fantasy while supporting your favorite creators.
Similar to traditional battle passes, you will earn rewards based on your pass level. Leveling is simple and easy. Your experience gain is tied directly to your fantasy score in each contest. This means the more contests you play in and the better you perform, the faster you will level!

In addition to earning rewards, a Worlds Pass also unlocks exclusive fantasy contests for all of Worlds 2021. These contests give you more chances to gain experience and to compete in new fantasy game modes, as well as some of your favorites like Flex and Dream Team.

IWillDominate Pass

Our very first pass continues our partnership with Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera. Once you buy the IWD Pass, you can start earning NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on his emotes, video clips, and creator headshots. These NFTs will be of varying rarity, from Common to Legendary, and with each having a utility function such as prizes, discounts, redeemable experiences with IWD, and more.

Esports One Fantasy Worlds Pass Guide 2021

How to Purchase

If you have experience in crypto, you know that NFTs can be expensive sometimes. Here at Esports One, we want NFTs to be accessible to all, which is why our Worlds IWD Pass is available for $15 USD, with a percentage of purchases going directly to IWillDominate. Additionally, you will be able to purchase individual levels or bundles to progress even faster with Bytes or USD.

We will have more information and tutorials available on October 5th on claiming your NFTs and setting up your crypto wallet. For any questions on this process, please head to the Discord #help-desk.

Looking to discuss and watch LoL Worlds 2021 with others? Check out our Discord and Twitter where you can talk fantasy strategy, meta, and your Worlds predictions.

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