Fantasy League of Legends Worlds 2020 Cover

Fantasy Worlds 2020

We are excited to announce that Esports One has launched LoL Fantasy Worlds for 2020! You will be able to build a team made of your favorite players, compete against your friends ,and earn awesome prizes – All for Free!

Lineups are officially open!

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LoL Fantasy Worlds

These are the four main components that are involved in League of Legends Fantasy Worlds:

  • Creating a Fantasy Team 
  • Researching Players
  • Competing Against the Community
  • Earning Your Rank

Creating Your Team

The best part of Worlds League of Legends Fantasy is creating your perfect team every week! On the platform, you will create a team of 5 players and one team. When your chosen players/team play in their Worlds matches, you will score points based on their performance. If you want to learn how the scoring works, you can read this helpful article.

Researching Players

LoL Fantasy Worlds Player Card

Some people pick with their hearts, but we like to trust the stats! The E1 Fantasy platform has a ton of information to help you research the best players to pick. You can dive as deep into a players match history, or read an advice article written by one of our experts.

Competing against the Community + Friends

The aim of LoL Worlds fantasy is to score the highest points each week; not only are you competing against yourself, but you can compete against other players online. 

Every player will compete on the Global Leaderboard automatically, but if you want to play with friends, you can create your private leaderboard – Read Here.

LoL Fantasy Worlds Leaderboard

Earning Your Rank

One of the best ways to grow your Fantasy LoL Worlds skills is to improve your Rank!

Getting your Rank is easy; all you need to do is set a single lineup (your team). Once the games have concluded for that week, and your points are gathered, your Rank will be calculated.

There are 8 Ranks – Read Here.

Ranked Fantasy League of Legends

Now you understand how it works, give it a go! Playing Fantasy League of Legends for Worlds will make the tournament that much more exciting!

New to fantasy?

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