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Best Value Players: Week 9

Best Values? What is that?

Every option you are presented to fill your lineup has their own inherent value that is built into their Salary. In a perfect LoL world, the highest priced player would score the most and the cheapest would score the least. But we don’t live in a LoL world where everything makes sense, just ask Team Liquid. So we want the players that are going to return EXTRA VALUE for us. We want to find the 5th most expensive Top Laner that will end the week at #1, or the Mid priced that finishes top 5 in the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 9 Spring 2020.

How Does it Work?

We find players that are both cost effective and likely to score a higher than expected number of points over the weekend’s matches. We don’t only give the best value, we give you the best value by role for both the LEC and LCS! Why? Because we love you, that’s why.

Fantasy LoL best value players LEC and LCS



Player: Finn (Rogue)

Cost: $260,000

Opponents: SK & S04

Reasoning: Just don’t even look at his Week 8 performance. Stats don’t count when you play against G2 and FNC on the same weekend. Instead, pay attention to the fact that Finn plays SK and S04 this week. That should make you feel much more warm and fuzzy inside.


Player: Broken Blade (Team SoloMid)

Cost: $250,000

Opponents: 100 & DIG

Reasoning: Even in an ‘off’ week where TSM dropped a game, BB still finished in the top 5 at the position. The good part for you? He still is not being priced that way. TSM has been leaning on BB to carry more from the top lane, would always translates over to fantasy success



Player: Jankos (G2 Esports)

Cost: $310,000

Opponents: S04 & MSF

Reasoning: Jankos went OFF in Week 8, scoring more points than any other player on the slate. Don’t expect him to repeat that same number, but he is a staple in the top 5 Junglers every single week.


Player: Svenskeren (Evil Geniuses)

Cost: $240,000

Opponents: C9 & IMT

Reasoning: Who is the hottest team in the LCS? Yup, Evil Geniuses. They are peaking at the right time and now have a chance to lock up the 2 seed. I am hoping that Svenskeren can pop off in his C9 revenge game, and then pairing that with a good IMT matchup can make for a big weekend.



Player: Larssen (Rogue)

Cost: $280,000

Opponents: SK & S04

Reasoning: Love Love Love Larssen this week. He ranks top 5 at the position in points per game, but his team’s win total prevents him from being top 5 in pricing. Well Rogue is clearly the superior team this week as they get to feed on the bottom of the standings to end the season


Player: Ryoma (100 Thieves)

Cost: $270,000

Opponents: TSM & CLG

Reasoning: I’m not sure if you have noticed, but Ryoma has finished the weekend as a top 5 midlaner in 3 of the last 4 weeks. Ryoma has shown that 100T doesn’t need to have a 2-0 week for him to put up a big week, which should make you feel better about a TSM match this week.



Player: Hans Sama

Cost: $310,000

Opponents: SK & S04

Reasoning: Okay yes, it is very clear I love Rogue this week. But you should too! Hans Sama has massive upside this week, being able to carry a surging Rogue to a 2-0 week, an upside you don’t even have to pay top 6 price at the position. Either Hans Sama or Larssen will go OFF, and you don’t want to miss that.


Player: FBI (Golden Guardians)

Cost: $250,000

Opponents: CLG & FLY

Reasoning: The Bot laner position is a very difficult one to save money on, mainly because everybody is just expensive due to the guaranteed points floor. However, FBI is sitting there only above 3 other starting Bots with a schedule that is shaping up well. FBI hasn’t quite had the ‘support’ (meant in multiple ways) to succeed this season, but may just have the matchups to make it work for a week.



Player: Hylissang (Fnatic)

Cost: $200,000

Opponents: MAD & VIT

Reasoning: Happy to see that the real Hylissang is back. All that FNC with no Hylissang fantasy production at the start of the season seems like a distant memory now. You are always in a good place when you are laning with Rekkles.


Player: Stunt (100 Thieves)

Cost: $150,000

Opponents: TSM & CLG

Reasoning: You know the 100 Thieves squad will be looking fly and flashy every game, but unfortunately their success has only come in flashes as well. But the boys have been flashing a lot more lately, winning 3 of 4, only dropping a game to C9. Stunt and Cody Sun are stable down low, which make for a good floor play in your support spot.



Player: FC Schalke 04

Cost: $220,000

Opponents: G2 & RGE

Reasoning: Can you name the 3 LEC teams currently on 3+ game win streaks? G2, FNC and… S04? Agh dang you must’ve looked you cheater. Well it isn’t a great schedule for S04, but if they can steal a game off of Rogue and just compete as well as they have been lately, they can at least return value for their low price.


Player: Golden Guardians

Cost: $210,000

Opponents: CLG & FLY

Reasoning: I like GG against CLG. I don’t like them as much against FLY, but of course I thought FLY would win more than 1 of their last 4 games. They are vulnerable right now, and GG is cheap enough and good enough to be worth the risk.

Thank you for reading the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 9 Spring 2020.

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