Best Value Players: Week 3

Value Value Value! Let’s look at value in the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 3 Spring 2020! Not only are you tracking your position on the Founder’s League Leaderboard to see how much value cash you are going to win, now you can compare yourself directly with your friends! You can now create Private Leaderboards and invite your friends to see how you compare head to head. Winning $50k straight cash homie is cool and all, but beating your friend from high school that you only talk to when LCS is back… THATS HUGE.

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TOP Value

EG Kumo $260,000 vs CLG & FLY

2020 has not been EG’s year. I personally blame it on their new logo, but I digress… However they have shown some flashes of greatness, Kumo specifically. In the last game they should’ve won (vs GG), Kumo played Aatrox and carried the whole team. He led the team in gold and finished with over half of the team’s kills in a 7/1/2 line. This week he has a game EG should definitely win (CLG) and another one they could win (FLY).

S04 Odoamne $170,000 vs MSF & SK

It has been tough sledding for Schalke to start 2020, but it really hasn’t been their fault. Their schedule has been brutal, with none of their opponents having losing records right now. Odoamne has been a stable force up top though. Even through all the losses, Odoamne is only averaging 2.5 deaths per game, tied for 4th fewest among Tops. He is clearly safe and now has a schedule where Schalke can get that elusive 1st win (Best Value).


TL Shernfire $220,000 vs 100 & GG

Initially I had TL Broxah here because Liquid’s CEO Steve gave a glimmer hope about his visa status, but the hope has since crumbled away… Then I wrote about S04 Gilius, but he is such a deep sleeper that he ended up getting benched… So now I’m editing the article just before it goes live to write about Shernfire! Shernfire was assigned the impossible task of filling Broxah’s shoes until his visa was figured out. That was unfair, but Shernfire has come into his own recently. Across TL’s two wins, he has a combined 1/3/20 line. If some of those assists turn into kills, he can greatly benefit from a 2-0 TL week.

TSM Dardoch $240,000 vs DIG & GG

We have seen two complete opposite versions of TSM and Dardoch. So what do YOU think TSM is? Are they the 0-2 team where Dardoch has more deaths than kills + assists? Or are they a 2-0 each week team where Dardoch can get 5 kills and 16 assists?  Neither version of Dardoch should cost $240,000. The Week 1 version should never see play but the Week 2 version should be a top dollar price.


TSM Bjergsen $260,000 vs DIG & GG

The argument presented above for Dardoch is the save here with Bjergsen, but with even more rewards. Dardoch had his best case last week and finished with 37.26 points. Well Bjergsen had his and racked up 58.28! #FearTheBeard

FLY PowerOfEvil $240,000 vs C9 & EG

POE has been one of the biggest shocks this season. Even though CLG had an amazing season in Summer, POE was completely abismal from a fantasy perspective. His biggest issue was the lack of kills, but 2020 POE doesn’t have a problem with that at all! He leads the entire LCS in Kills/game and DPM. Maybe it was his New Year’s Resolution? It will be tough to beat C9, but if FLY pulls it off, POE will have had a huuuge game.


OG Upset $330,000 vs VIT & MSF

Okay so Origen is not quite as good as G2, but they can confidently call themselves 2nd best in the LEC for now. Upset was the high scoring player of the entire LCS/LEC in ‘19 Summer and has shown the exact same skill set to start the year. OG avoids a major clash with G2 or FNC this week, so they can comfortably win both games and Upset and comfortably rack up the fantasy points.

EG Bang $260,000 vs CLG & FLY

If you just look at Bang’s stats, you would have no idea that his team has performed so poorly. He has had more kills than deaths in every single game, and didn’t even find his first death until Game 3. The combination of that safe floor with the upside of carrying EG to a 2-0 week with two very beatable opponents on the slate makes Bang a grrrrreat value.


C9 Vulcan $270,000 vs FLY & DIG

Week 2 Vulcan is the Vulcan I know and love; 2 games, 1 death and 19 assists. Week 3 brings more difficult matchups, but with tougher matchups comes the chance of longer-drawn out games with extra kill opportunities. Vulcan’s talent and role cannot be questioned, but the fashion in which C9 wins is the only thing that can hold him back from making the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 3 Spring 2020.

TL CoreJJ $240,000 vs 100 & GG

CoreJayJay for just $240,000 seems like a steal right?? Well he hasn’t been worth that price in either of his first two weeks… However, after two straight 1-1 weeks, I see Week 3 as the first of many 2-0 Team Liquid weeks to come. If the wins are going to come, it is going to come through the Bot lane, setting up for some double digit assist games for CoreJJ.


Evil Geniuses $220,000 vs CLG & FLY

There is definitely some preseason EG hype lingering around my heart and encouraging me to see $220k as a value. But that hype came from the talent on the roster, and that talent is still there. Maybe I just haven’t learned my lesson yet, but being able to jump back on the EG bandwagon a week before everybody else will benefit you greatly in fantasy.

Immortals $230,000 vs 100 & CLG

Costs less than $250k? Check. One guaranteed win this week with a chance for a 2-0 finish? Check and Check. Now sprinkle in the fact that IMT has the 2nd longest average game duration and is one of two teams that average a Baron every game and you have yourself a great sleeper!

Thanks for reading the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Week 3 Spring 2020!

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