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Best Value Players: Playoffs 2

Best Values? What is that?

The LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Playoffs 2 Spring 2020 is here!. In a perfect LoL world, the highest priced player would score the most and the cheapest would score the least. But we don’t live in a LoL world where everything makes sense, just ask Team Liquid. So we want the players that are going to return EXTRA VALUE for us. We want to find the 5th most expensive Top Laner that will end the week at #1, or the Mid priced that finishes top 5.

How Does it Work?

We find players that are both cost effective and likely to score a higher than expected number of points over the weekend’s matches. We don’t only give the best value, we give you the best value by role for both the LEC and LCS! Why? Because we love you, that’s why.

Fantasy LoL best value players LEC and LCS



Player: Alphari (Origen)

Cost: $300,000

Opponent: RGE (& G2 if they win)

Reasoning: Anybody that took advantage of the “Guardian Angel” scheduling for LCS teams last week know how valuable an extra series can be. Well OG has a more challenging version of it this week, but it can be just as fruitful. Rogue may have won the battle of “The 2 teams who limped into playoffs” (sorry, can’t think of a more clever name), but they really didn’t gain enough momentum to threaten OG. Then after OG’s win, you get another shot at bonus points against G2. It is as safe of a risk as you can take.


Player: Solo (FlyQuest)

Cost: $200,000

Opponent: TSM

Reasoning: Controversy solved! We can confidently say who is starting for Flyquest now after Solo greatly outperformed (and outnumbered in Games Played) V1per in the first two rounds of the playoffs. Solo isn’t as much of a carry player and lacks the carry ability that V1per has, but he is the cheapest starting top laner on the slate and seeding says he is favored to win, hence the feature in the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Playoffs 2 Spring 2020!



Player: Shadow (MAD Lions)

Cost: $220,000

Opponent: FNC

Reasoning: This is my lottery ticket. MAD shocked the world last week and everybody who had the cajones to play them was rewarded handsomely. However, the win was a shock but it wasn’t a fluke. MAD is good and played extremely well, actually earning the win. If MAD is to pull another upset against FNC, you know for a fact that Shadow is going to be the reason why.


Player: Blaber (Cloud9)

Cost: $320,000

Opponent: EG

Reasoning: Oddly enough, Blaber is the safer but slightly less upside version of Jankos. I have a lot more confidence in C9 pulling a 3-0 win this week than I do G2. However, it is not a fluke that Jankos finished the season with 4+ more fantasy points per game than him. Even though Blaber may not lead the position, he can still lead your team.



Player: Nukeduck (Origen)

Cost: $230,000

Opponent: RGE (& G2 if they win)

Reasoning: As I said with Alphari, it may not be as clear as the LCS Loser Bracket Series’ last week, but OG has an amazing opportunity here. Nukeduck has underperformed what you may expect from the starting Mid of a top 3 LEC team, but the strength of the supporting cast gives him a solid floor as well as the upside of being the leader for a win. Rarely can you go budget at Mid laner and still expect a series win. Add the opportunity to get some extra games for more points and I am taking that every time.


Player: Bjergsen (Team SoloMid)

Cost: $260,000

Opponent: FLY

Reasoning: You know, sometimes TSM just reminds me of the New England Patriots. Even when you think they are out of it, you just have to trust in the organization itself. All being said, this would make Bjergsen the Tom Brady of TSM. FLY should feel very uncomfortable because as soon as (or if ever) TSM finds their footing, only C9 can beat them.



Player: Upset (Origen)

Cost: $310,000

Opponent: RGE (& G2 if they lose)

Reasoning: Okay I know you are sick of hearing about it, but no team has a better set up this week than OG. They will get 3 wins against RGE and Upset will lead the team in kills every game. Then they get a G2 team who just lost to MAD and no matter what, produce fantasy numbers for both teams every game. I know everybody is scared of G2, but you want players who enter those G2 bloodbaths.


Player: Zven (Cloud9)

Cost: $340,000

Opponent: EG

Reasoning: Zven is probably the safest pick of the entire player pool. And to make it even better, he is the safest captain pick as well as there is nothing in the world that can keep him from Aphelios (other than a ban, but we didn’t see much of that last week). He is expensive, but is worth it. Pick Zven and throw a crown on his head too, we are fan boys in the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Playoffs 2 Spring 2020.



Player: Destiny (Origen)

Cost: $170,000

Opponent: RGE (& G2 if they win)

Reasoning: I’m not going to repeat the OG schedule thing again, you get it by now. Destiny finished 3rd at the position last week even though he was 6th in price. OG wins through Upset in the bot lane, and Destiny will be on his side the whole time, racking up the assists.


Player: Vulcan (Cloud9)

Cost: $220,000

Opponent: EG

Reasoning: Safety, upside, memes: Vulcan does it all. He is my top Support on the slate and should be seen as the premier option in the Fantasy Best Value Players Playoffs 2 Spring 2020.C9 is an unstoppable force on a quest for LCS glory and Vulcan is leading the charge.



Player: Origen

Cost: $280,000

Opponent: RGE (& G2 if they win)

Reasoning: One of my favorite strategies for picking a team is a very straight forward one, and one I have utilized all season. What is the cheapest team you can find that will win all their games this week? Now in the playoffs, you can even drop games, you just need to win the series. I can’t confidently predict the FLY/TSM matchup, so Origen is where I draw the line.


Player: Cloud9

Cost: $340,000

Opponent: EG

Reasoning: Do I need to explain? This is just the ultimate safety pick. The only teams to outscore C9 last week were Flyquest (who needed two BO5’s to do so) and MAD Lions (which NOBODY saw coming). You don’t have to worry at all about C9 as your team.

Thank you for reading the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Playoffs 2 Spring 2020!


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