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Best Value Players: Playoffs Week 1

Best Values? What is that?

The LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Playoffs 1 Spring 2020 screeeeams value this week! Every option you are presented to fill your lineup has their own inherent value that is built into their Salary. In a perfect LoL world, the highest priced player would score the most and the cheapest would score the least. But we don’t live in a LoL world where everything makes sense, just ask Team Liquid. So we want the players that are going to return EXTRA VALUE for us. We want to find the 5th most expensive Top Laner that will end the week at #1, or the Mid priced that finishes top 5.

How Does it Work?

We find players that are both cost effective and likely to score a higher than expected number of points over the weekend’s matches. We don’t only give the best value, we give you the best value by role for both the LEC and LCS! Why? Because we love you, that’s why.

Fantasy LoL best value players LEC and LCS



Player: Bwipo (Fnatic)

Cost: $280,000

Opponent: OG

Reasoning: Do not be discouraged about Bwipo after his poor showing as a Jarvan IV support… I think FNC is the 2nd hottest team in the LEC and is on a mission to see G2 in the finals. If they are going to get there, it will be the Bwipo and Rekkles show.


Player: Solo / V1per (FlyQuest)

Cost: $200,000 / $180,000

Opponents: EG (& GG if they lose)

Reasoning: Clearly I do not know who will be starting for FLY, but if the team announces one of the two will be starting every game, I want that guy. However, when everything was on the line in their tiebreaker game, who did they go with? Solo. I would prefer them start V1per, but either way I want to FLY top laner that gets to take a swing at EG but has a nice fallback series with GG.



Player: Jankos (G2 Esports)

Cost: $340,000

Opponent: MAD

Reasoning: Loosen up those purse strings. There is not a single player in Fantasy LoL that can make more of an impact on a lineup. He can score the same amount of points as anybody in the game, and he can do it from the Jungler position. You will have to maneuver well to afford him, but he can bring you playoff glory on his own.


Player: Santorin (Flyquest)

Cost: $240,000

Opponents: EG (& GG if they lose)

Reasoning: I don’t like how Flyquest finished their season. I will admit that. I will also admit that I don’t see them beating EG. But I would be lying if I said GG can beat FLY in a 5 game series. The opportunity for FLY to play 2 series’ this weekend makes Santorin an extremely safe play.



Player: Febiven (Misfits)

Cost: $240,000

Opponent: RGE

Reasoning: Jeez does Week 4 seem like a long time ago… That is like 6 years ago in LEC time. But way back then, there was no hotter player on the planet than Febiven. He was topping fantasy charts every week and even dethroning G2. He doesn’t need to rise to that LEC champ status, we just need him outduel the struggle Rogue team for a weekend.


Player: Ryoma (100 Thieves)

Cost: $270,000

Opponents: C9 (& TSM if they lose)

Reasoning: Some people never seemed to recover from how surprised they were when 100 Thieves named Ryoma the starting mid laner in the preseason. Well it took a few weeks, but the rookie definitely earned his pinstripes in the second half of the season. He finished as a top 5 fantasy mid in 3 of the last 5 weeks and is the main reason for 100’s late charge into the 3 seed.



Player: Rekkles (Fnatic)

Cost: $360,000

Opponent: OG

Reasoning: Not everyday that I am trying to get the second most expensive player in all my lineups (which is just one, but that doesn’t sound as cool). However, I see a very straightforward path to Rekkles being the #1 scorer of all players this weekend. I expect FNC to win, but have to work hard to do so, requiring a bloodbath of a series with OG. Rekkles should lead every player on the slate in kills, translating to fantasy points for dayssss.


Player: Bang (Evil Geniuses)

Cost: $300,000

Opponents: FLY (& GG if they lose)

Reasoning: You can’t even dream of a better set up for EG. I mean like literally, nobody had any idea ‘2nd chance series in the same weekend’ was even a thing. So not only does EG, get to face the struggling FLY team, even if they disappoint (which would not be new) they get to redeem themselves against GG. Bang hasn’t score below 50 since Week 6, so with that as the floor and 3 blowout wins as the ceiling, he is worth every penny.



Player: Denyk (Misfits)

Cost: $120,000

Opponent: RGE

Reasoning: Misfits have been disappointing, I get it. They deserved to be the 5 seed and deserve to be price low here. However, you aren’t picking them for a playoff run. You are just picking them to beat Rogue. Denyk doesn’t have a lot of upside, but his low price allows an amazing amount of lineup flexibility, which is especially needed with the smaller player pool. He is the cheapest player on the slate that you can still see getting 3 wins.


Player: Ignar (Flyquest)

Cost: $180,000

Opponents: EG (& GG if they lose)

Reasoning: You have heard plenty about the whole “Guardian Angel” set up for the top 4 LCS seeds in the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Playoffs 1 Spring 2020. Well Ignar is the support that I feel benefits from it the most. It pretty much guarantees FLY will get 3 wins (as I expect them to beat GG). So Ignar’s low price with a guaranteed 3 wins is a 100%+ return on value.



Player: Rogue

Cost: $200,000

Opponent: MSF

Reasoning: I know I haven’t been saying ‘the kindest things’ about Rogue since their 0-2 collapse to end the season. However, I can’t ignore opportunity when it drops in my lap. With the smaller player pool, lineup flexibility is more important than ever. Rogue is the second cheapest team on the slate, mainly due to their wildly inconsistent finish. But you know what team has been equally frustrating? Misfits, their opponent. If you find 3 wins off of the second cheapest team on the slate, you are at a big advantage.


Player: 100 Thieves

Cost: $260,000

Opponents: C9 (& TSM if they lose)

Reasoning: This pick is really just about playing the odds. I want the team I pick to get 3 wins this week. Well, I’ll select one of the teams that has the safest route to getting 3 wins (one of the teams that has multiple series to find wins).

Thanks for reading the LoL Fantasy Best Value Players Playoffs 1 Spring 2020!

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