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Bargain Shopping: Week 8

What is Bargain Shopping?

Once you have picked your star players, the hardest part is to find cheap players that will still score well. We take you on a spending journey on the LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 8 Spring 2020.

How Does it Work?

Each week, we recommend the best value player (by role) to pick in the following two price ranges:
$250,000 – $200,001
≤ $200,000

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Last week provided an excellent opportunity in the top lane for savvy fantasy owners. The top 3 fantasy performers all had prices below $250,000, 2 of which were under $200,000. The matchups don’t look very favorable for budget hunting deep divers, but there’s plenty of value to be found. Ornn seems to have fallen out of favor, and I think the commitment to bruiser champions will bring a bump to the overall value to the role.

$250,000 - $200,001

Player: Orome (MAD Lions)

Cost: $250,000

Opponents: SK & MSF

Reasoning: Ok, Orome should probably not bring out his Renekton again for a little while. He did not have a good time vs Rogue last week, the only game he has picked Renekton this season. But if you remove that one game, Orome has been consistently useful all split long. Looking ahead, SK should be a buffet of fantasy points for MAD and Orome. And even though Misfits will present a tough challenge, the laning phase against Dan Dan shouldn’t be too difficult.

≤ $200,000

Player: Expect (Excel Esports)

Cost: $180,000

Opponents: FNC & G2

Reasoning: I’m sorry, Excel. They face perhaps the toughest imaginable schedule heading into Week 8. At least Rogue can share in their misery, as they face the same opponents. However, I remain faithful in Excels’ uncanny ability to finish 1-1 every week. As we near the end of the Spring Split, there’s no reason to think they cannot keep their own unusual record alive. Look alive, Fnatic and G2!


The jungle was the least productive fantasy role besides support last week, though it remains on a similar level with top lane and the team role. There are a few reliable (and expensive) stars, but otherwise the position has yielded very streaky options. However, there are some intriguing choices to make, including a jungler playing a different role. I don’t think there’s much value to gain from using a champion pick on a jungler in most cases, but the role does seem to mostly be the Lee Sin and Gragas show for the LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 8 Spring 2020 .

$250,000 - $200,001

Player: Dardoch (Team SoloMid)

Cost: $250,000

Opponents: IMT & GG

Reasoning: Dardoch was last week’s top fantasy scorer in the jungle, so he’s certainly capable of big production with this team. The only thing really holding him (and TSM) back is consistency. There’s no guarantee they can keep this momentum going. However, I like their schedule for Week 8. Both teams are solid, but unremarkable. I think we may see Dardoch retain his scoring crown .

≤ $200,000

Player: Wind (Counter Logic Gaming)

Cost: $200,000

Opponents: DIG & C9

Reasoning: $200,000 vs DIG & C9 – About that jungler playing a different role– Wind started in the bot lane for CLG last week, replacing Stixxay for the role. He had been the bot laner for the Academy team all split, where Stixxay will play for now. Wind was not an especially successful bot laner in the Academy league, so I don’t expect too much here. But bot lane is a far more productive role than jungle on average, so the reward potential for Wind is absurdly high for his price. He did debut with a win, so CLG certainly can play around him.


Mid averaged more fantasy points last week than even the bot lane, solidifying the lane’s presence as a high value role. TSM Bjergsen and RGE Larssen scored more than anybody else in any role. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to invest a champion pick into the role, as 19 different champions in total were played in the mid lane in the 20 games played last week. Still, this does seem like a role I’d want to invest salary into. Nonetheless, there is always value to be found, as Abbedagge ($210,000 last week) and Pobelter ($190,000) showed by surpassing 50 points. Value players in mid can still be useful for fantasy owners who opt to spend on luxury options elsewhere, like a reliable jungler or a strong bot laner.

$250,000 - $200,001

Player: Froggen (Dignitas)

Cost: $230,000

Opponents: CLG & EG

Reasoning: Dignitas really left a lot of opportunities unseized last week, though Froggen still put up a respectable 32.43 points in lieu of his team’s failures. Dignitas is cratering, as they are now on a 5 game losing streak with the playoffs nearing. CLG may be just the remedy, as they are eliminated from contention, and they are a safe play for Dignitas (perhaps the only safe play left). EG is a team streaking in the opposite direction, but I think EG is still wildly inconsistent. Froggen can easily find calm amidst the storm this week.

≤ $200,000

Player: Selfie (Team Vitality)

Cost: $130,000

Opponents: OG & S04

Reasoning: Whether or not Selfie is able to noticeably improve Vitality, he almost certainly won’t leave them worse off than Sacen. I do think Sacen showed talent, but he simply didn’t look ready for the LEC stage yet. He was never really supposed to be, as Vitality intended to start Milica this split. Selfie at the very least represents somebody who already has that capability. Vitality is not suddenly a team that can contest Origen, but Selfie can make a big difference in their game vs Schalke.


The bot lane is usually the bellwether role for fantasy purposes. It is kind of nice to see it enjoy some parity with the mid lane. This parity could increase if teams latch on to the concept of giving your bot laner Senna and having the support do all the farming, which has been a popular strategy in the LCK. However, western teams have mostly preferred to either play Aphelios or Miss Fortune. High damage, massive AOE carries like those two bode well for the fantasy value of the role.

$250,000 - $200,001

Player: Apollo (Immortals)

Cost: $250,000

Opponents: TSM & FLY

Reasoning: I don’t think Immortals were immediately comfortable playing with Apollo as more of a “carry” style bot laner than Altec. However, I feel like I’ve seen them gel a lot in just the 4 games they’ve had together. The clearest indicator of the sudden progress to me was when Apollo achieved the first Pentakill of the LCS split last week, en route to a dominating victory over Team Liquid. Both Week 8 opponents are formidable, but both still have flaws that can be overcome if Immortals are truly in sync.

≤ $200,000

Player: Johnsun (Dignitas)

Cost: $200,000

Opponents: CLG & EG

Reasoning: Once again, there is only one other starting bot laner available at this price besides Johnsun. And while I do think Comp is solid, I think Vitality is a much worse team than Dignitas, and I think Dignitas’ upcoming schedule is easier still than the one Vitality faces. Dignitas is absolutely struggling, but they still should beat CLG and can certainly beat EG as well. Johnsun looks like a solid player, but he doesn’t seem like much of a carry presence. He kind of reminds me of Cody Sun in that way. He can very easily outproduce his price here.


The oft overlooked role of support enjoys getting the opportunity to farm the lane, and it does feel like the role carries its highest importance in the competitive metagame since Ardent Censer meta. However, that importance hasn’t exactly translated to fantasy, as the support role is far and away the least productive role, and their prices reflect that. Vander just had an extremely strong game on Pyke, however, and his passive ability makes him a champion that can bring carry-like fantasy stats from the support role. Pyke can inject some much production into a position that is largely dedicated to tanks.

$250,000 - $200,001

Player: Destiny (Origen)

Cost: $210,000

Opponents: VIT & SK

Reasoning: Just as Excel and Rogue have perhaps the worst Week 8 schedule imaginable, Origen has what I would consider the best. Both of these teams are nowhere near in a position to threaten Origens’ nexus without an absurd amount of luck. Origen do tend to favor a passive playstyle, but Destiny will be a benefactor of almost any amount of bloodshed that occur in an Origen game this weekend.

≤ $200,000

Player: Hakuho (Immortals)

Cost: $90,000

Opponents: TSM & FLY

Reasoning: There are quite a few good options, even under $100,000, let alone $200,000. I think this week looks like a good week to pick a budget support for what might as well be free and save yourself plenty of excess funds for other positions. I think Hakuho represents a safe option with a decently high ceiling. This is kinda doubling down on the Immortals’ synergy with Apollo, but it is also an opportunity to doubly reap the benefits of a smart pairing at what almost feels like buy-one-get-one-free value.


The team role carries a surprising amount of fantasy value. It was the 3rd most productive role behind the mid and bot lanes, so the team selection carries a lot of value. Though winning almost always directly correlates to team production, MAD was able to outperform G2 and 100, even though G2 and 100 went 2-0 and MAD went 1-1 last week. I want to find the teams who want to win games through river control.

$250,000 - $200,001

Player: Evil Geniuses

Cost: $240,000

Opponents: TL & DIG

Reasoning: After finishing as the top point scorer for teams, Evil Geniuses face a schedule of opponents who both fell 0-2 last week. The playoff race is tightening, and a top 2 finish and a playoff bye is within reach for Evil Geniuses with a strong run. They are streaky, but I am convinced by their recent run. They looked dominant to me.

≤ $200,000

Player: Golden Guardians

Cost: $190,000

Opponents: TL & TSM

Reasoning: I thought the Golden Guardians were an easy pick for 10th place at the beginning of the split, but they have become greater than the sum of their parts and remain in the hunt for a playoff spot. Neither of their opponents is easy, but they’re all within 1 game of each other and if the Golden Guardians want to make the playoffs they will need to be able to beat teams like TL and TSM. I think Hauntzer looked overwhelmed (briefly) earlier this split, but I think he looks absolutely locked in now. And I think replacing Keith for Huhi was a good move that could be a difference maker in these Week 8 games.

Thanks for reading the LoL Fantasy Bargain Shopping Week 8 Spring 2020!

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