Are the Immortals Top Tier? Lock-In #01

Welcome to E1 Fantasy’s brand new podcast! Each week hosts Jesse Roberts and Lewis Smith invite a special guest to talk lineups, match predictions and answer questions from the community!

This week we have special guest, and Esports One’s very own Head of Esports Data Science, Tim Sevenhuysen! Tim is an industry veteran and guru when it comes to League of Legends Statistics. This week is an LCS only week, so prepare for a grilling of the NA teams.

In this article we will post the podcast links and provide the episode timestamps!

Episode One

Episodes will be released every Tuesday, and the latest episode is now available on the following platforms:

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Episode Time Stamps

These are the time stamps that apply to both the audio podcast and the Youtube video.

  • Winner of last week: 1:26
  • This week’s schedule: 2:43
  • Lewis’s lineup: 5:03
  • Tim’s lineup: 6:28
  • Discussing Immortals: 15:45
  • Picking Supports: 20:03
  • Fantasy MVP discussion: 22:18
  • Jesse calls Lewis, Jonny haha: 27:40
  • New Rule – Starter Insurance: 29:41
  • Community questions: 31:20
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