Special Guest Lara Lunardi

100 Thieves a Steal? + LEC Playoffs – Lock-In #06

Welcome to The Lock-In Esports Fantasy Podcast #06! Each week hosts Jesse Roberts and Lewis Smith invite a special guest to talk lineups, match predictions and answer questions from the community!

This week we we were fortunate to have special guest Lara Lunardi! Lara works in Social Media and Content at Inven Global and on Content for SK Gaming, while pursuing a Masters in Psychology. She shares her expertise on the LEC and provides insight on the mental fortitude of players and teams.  

special guest Lara Lunardi
Lara Lunardi Interviewing FORG1VEN

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Episode Six

Episodes will be released every Tuesday, and The Lock-In Esports Fantasy Podcast #06 is now available on the following platforms:

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Episode Time Stamps

These are the time stamps that apply to The Lock-In Esports Fantasy Podcast #06:

  • 00:42 – Special Guest Lara Lunardi
  • 01:43 – Previous Week Breakdown
  • 08:27 – Week 9 Winner: Majjjster
  • 09:29 – E1 Playoff Format
  • 10:30 – Schedule Rankings
  • 13:30 – Lewis’s Lineup and 100T
  • 16:07 – Lara’s Lineup and EG
  • 23:30 – Team Slumps
  • 27:08 – TSM vs. GG Match-up
  • 34:31 – Flyquest Too Strong?
  • 35:57 – Who Will TL Pick?
  • 41:15 – LEC MVP and Playoffs
  • 55:36 – Community Questions
  • 01:02:05 – Lara Signs Off
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