Huni’s Rival Is Huni

Dignitas’ decision to build their roster around Huni has proven to be a very successful decision so far in 2020 as Dignitas sits at 3-1. Huni is considered one of the best top laners (if not the top) in the LCS and his performance through the 2019 Summer Split and Gaunlet run reminded everyone of that.  JonnytheAussie sat down with Huni to talk about his new roster, the pressures of having a team built around him and why Huni’s rival is Huni.

📊 Following the Interview we will provide our E1 Fantasy LCS analysis on Huni by our fantasy data expert, Lewis Smith

Interview with Huni

Question: How do you feel after your win over Team Liquid?

I mean people were saying it’s a big game, but I don’t think it’s as important compared to the entire future, as this was only game 3 in the Spring Split. Liquid didn’t have Broxah yet and they aren’t playing at their 100% either. I will take the enjoyment that we won, but I’m not satisfied because it wasn’t Liquid at 100%.

Question: Did you feel pressure going into this split as the only remaining member of last years Clutch/Dig?

Yeah, there was a lot of pressure, like I should be leading this team as they are building the team around me. I came to realize that I shouldn’t put pressure on myself, I just need to focus on what I’m doing and what I did well last year. I believe in myself and trust myself, and if I do as well as last year that’s a success. 

Question: How is the chemistry with your new teammates? Is there anyone’s performance that exceeded expectations?

The chemistry is good, and as a result we have already proven people wrong. I think people are shocked, everyone was expecting us to finish around 6th if we do well this split, and we are already higher than that.

Answering the second part: I think everyone is playing well honestly, I’m really glad that my teammates are really good. A lot of them were in teams that had bad seasons, so I’m glad they get to prove they weren’t the reason for it.

Question: Who do you consider a fierce matchup for you in the Top lane?

I don’t know, as long as I play well there isn’t a Top Laner that can compare to me. I think I have already proven that last year that people can’t touch me. If I have to choose a rival, it would just be me. I just keep needing to try harder and harder.

Question: Are there any Top Lane Champions you wish were buffed or nerfed? 

I don’t think so, I just wished certain Champions would be unbanned like Akali, Rumble and Lucian. 

Fantasy LCS Analysis

We have seen a massive playstyle change from Huni in 2020, and it has hurt his fantasy production so far. We are used to seeing him lock in Irelia and trying to carry from the Top lane. Although he is still able to lock up his lane and bully his opponent, Froggen has emerged as Dignitas’ preferred hyper carry. From a real life standpoint, Huni is playing as well as ever, but from a fantasy standpoint he has become a high floor-low upside player, rather than the hyper-aggressive skirmisher we have seen him as in the past.

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