Playoffs: Format & Scoring

Patch Notes 1.2 - ready for playoffs

With the LCS and LEC seasons wrapping up, we’re get ready to take the $100,000 competition to the LEC/LCS Playoffs format! Remember your total score in the Founders League is a combination of the Regular Season and Playoffs.


This is the final stretch and at the end the winners will be crowned and their stories written in the E1 Fantasy history books for eternity.

Playoffs will run slightly different to the regular season so we are here to explain. There are a few main points we will discuss:

  • Format
  • Scoring
  • Salaries
  • Captains Picks
  • When to Set Lineups
  • Weekly Prizes

LEC/LCS Playoffs Format

Playoffs work slightly different than the regular season, with a few major differences including:

  • Best of 5 matches instead of Best of 1
  • Knockout Structure
  • Less Teams = Smaller Player Pool

What does it mean for E1 Fantasy?

We have you covered, we have made the transition as smooth as possible. Each week of the we will provide you with the match schedule and the pool of players for which you can choose. Therefore, you will be able to carry on as usual with limited changes to the experience for the LEC/LCS Playoffs Format.


Scoring for the most part is unchanged. What is different is the result of the format being best of 5, instead of best of 1.


We will now take the highest 3 scores for each player or team from their weekend’s matches. 


Example (see image): You have picked Nisqy and Cloud9 is versing Team Liquid resulting in all 5 games being played. We would take Nisqy’s highest 3 games, which in this example would be game 2, 4 & 5.

Example Diagram (Not a screenshot)


Salaries will not be adjusted throughout LEC/LCS Playoffs Format. Instead, they are static and based entirely on performance during the regular season.

Captains Picks

Captain Champion picks are no longer game specific for playoffs!


Regular Season:  Champions would be assigned to a single game since the opposing team would be different across the weekend


Playoffs: The two champions you select will receive a captain bonus if they are played during any of the five games. Therefore, you must pick TWO DIFFERENT CHAMPIONS.


Note: We determine the top 3 highest scoring games for a player AFTER captain bonuses have been factored in. 

When to Set Lineups

The times in which lineups will be open will vary compared to the regular season as the LCS loser bracket games on April 7th & 8th, a Tuesday and a Wednesday. The scores from these two games are included in the Playoffs 1 contest. You will have the ability to set your Playoffs 2 lineup once games end on Wednesday, April 8th. They will lock in the morning of Friday April 10th, so be sure to edit your lineup in that tight range! If you do not edit your lineup in time, your lineup from the previous contest will be entered for you.


Round One:
Opens: Tuesday 3/31
Closes: Friday 4/3  (1hr before 1st match)

Round Two:

Opens: Wednesday 4/8 
Closes: Friday 4/10  (1hr before 1st match)
⚠️This is a very short window so be ready! 

Round Three (Finals):

Opens: Monday 4/13 
Closes: Saturday 4/18 (1hr before 1st match)

Weekly Prizes

There is a decent change to the LEC/LCS Playoffs Format, the prizes for Squad Goals, Captain Poggers & I Got You Fam will not be available during playoffs. This is due to the player pool being much smaller which increases the likelihood of ties. 

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