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Team SoloMid Overview

During the offseason, Team Solomid  did another one of their famous roster blowups following a disappointing split. This time around, they swapped their entire bot lane and have replaced their revolving door of junglers with a (maybe?) permanent starter. Among those leaving their starting positions are Akaadian, Zven, and Smoothie. Those joining include Dardoch, Kobbe, and Biofrost.

2019 Starters

Top: Broken Blade

Jungle: Akaadian

Mid: Bjergsen

Bot: Zven

Support: Smoothie

2020 Starters

Top: Broken Blade

Jungle: Dardoch

Mid: Bjergsen

Bot: Kobbe

Support: Biofrost

Top Lane: Broken Blade

Broken Blade is one of the two returning players from Team Solomid ’s 2019 roster. Last year, he was the definition of a “middle of the pack player”, and it showed in his stats. Among all top laners in the LCS during the 2019 summer split, his KDA was only .26 off of the average, his gold difference at 10 was -52, and his CS difference at 10 was only +.2. He also ranked 8th out of all LCS/LEC top laners in average fantasy points per game (18.1 ppg) (min 5 GP). He’s by no means a “bad” top laner, but with stats like these, there’s  no reason to pick him over the usual top performers like Impact and Bwipo if you’re looking to score big. 9 times out of 10, Broken Blade won’t be the top scorer each week, but he can still be valuable for his cost. Picking him could allow you to save part of your budget to spend on other star players if that’s your game plan.

Jungle: Dardoch

After spending 3 years bouncing between LCS and LCS Academy, Dardoch once again finds himself as a starter on a new roster willing to bet it all on him. Similar to Blaber on Cloud9, Dardoch has potential to carry every game he plays in. During the Summer split of LCS Academy, Dardoch was second only to Blaber in team gold share with 19.2%. This indicates just how often his team’s resources end up with him. The only issue is that instead of being the shining star of an otherwise struggling Optic Academy, he has to compete for resources with the likes of Bjergsen and Kobbe. So, either Dardoch gets turned into one of Bjergsen’s four wards as the prophecy foretells, or he remains a hyper aggressive NA superstar talent like Blaber. Until we’re a couple of weeks into the split though, Dardoch will be a high risk, high reward pick.

Mid Lane: Bjergsen

The other returning member of TSM is their franchise player, Bjergsen. Despite his status as one of the all time greats in the mid lane, he more than likely won’t show up when it comes to scoring big points in fantasy. Bjergsen is often given credit for his “intangibles” rather than raw mechanical skill, and when it comes to fantasy, the intangibles aren’t going to cut it. If recent history is anything to go by, last year Bjergsen averaged 20.7 fantasy points per game. This average put him at number 9 on the list of the 22 LCS/LEC mid laners (min 5 GP). It’s not bad, but it’s an indicator that he more than likely won’t be among the top scorers every week. Similar to Broken Blade, he’s a good pick if you’re looking for a solid mid laner that won’t break the bank, or has matchups for the week that are too good to pass up.

Bot Laner: Kobbe

When one Dane leaves, another Dane joins. With the departure of Zven, Team Solomid have brought in former Splyce bot laner, Kobbe. Fantasy-wise, Kobbe has been one of the top performers in the bot lane. In 2019, he ranked third out of all LCS and LEC bot laners with an average of 27.7 fantasy points per game. Also, during the LEC 2019 summer split, he had the highest team gold share at 29.3% and the second highest KDA at 5.6. If these stats are anything to go by, Kobbe is shaping up to be one of the highest points scorers in not just his position, but the whole league. He will almost certainly be a good pick every week if he lives up to these stats and TSM performs like the playoff squad many predict they will be. Just be ready to break open the piggy bank, because he won’t be cheap.

Support: Biofrost

After 2 years on CLG, Biofrost has returned to the team that kickstarted his LCS career. While on CLG, Biofrost showed that he wasn’t carried by the star studded TSM 2016 roster, and could hold his own. During the 2019 LCS summer split, his KDA of 4.9 was the second highest of all supports. However, similar to Broken Blade and Bjergsen, he’s just outside the upper echelon of the top scoring players in his role. During 2019 he ranked 7th out of the 24 supports in both the LCS and LEC with 13.5 points per game on average (min 5GP). He could become a valuable pick if TSM pull themselves out of their recent slump.

Team: Team Solomid

The most important factor for scoring team points is winning. If this new Team Solomid squad can stay at or rise above their record from last split, (10-8) they more often than not will score in the top half of teams. As for whether they’ll consistently be a high scoring team or not is decided by how decisive/dominate their wins are. For example, if they win off of scaling comps that let the other team get objectives all game first, they won’t get as many points as an early game comp that takes all objectives and ends early. Going off the stats from last split, TSM was at best 5th out of the 10 LCS teams in first blood percentage, first 3 towers taken percentage, and first baron percentage (their first baron percentage was the second worst in the league at 35%!). So unless these trends change this split, TSM as a team is not worth the investment.

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