Fantasy Preview: MAD Lions

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Team Overview

This most recent offseason was a transformative one for MAD Lions both in terms of their brand and their LEC roster. They rebranded from Splyce to MAD Lions, and they replaced 4 of their 5 players from last Summer with amateur talents who have little to no major region experience.

2019 Starters (Splyce)

Top: Vizicsacsi

Jungle: Xerxe

Mid: Humanoid

Bot: Kobbe

Support: Norskeren

2020 Starters (MAD Lions)

Top: Orome

Jungle: Shadow – Former mousesports

Mid: Humanoid

Bot: Carzzy – Former BIG

Support: Kaiser – Former mousesports

Fantasy Player/Team Projections

Top Lane: Orome

Orome is the only new player on the MAD Lions that has previously played in the LEC. However, that was just one game during last year’s Spring split, so he’s just as untested as the other three new players. The most recent amateur tournament that Orome competed in was the SLO last Summer. During their regular season, he averaged 3.8 kills, 1.3 deaths, 3.8 assists, and 280.4 CS per game. If Orome had been playing in the LEC with these stats, he would have been earning an impressive 21.3 fantasy points per game, and the 5th highest scorer out of all LCS/LEC top laners. It’s especially impressive considering how his team finished the SLO Summer regular season in 4th with a 11-7 record and Orome managed to keep his ppg high despite their 7 losses. His previous amateur scene performance has shown that he’s ready to compete in the LEC, but how he’ll be able to stack up against them is yet to be seen. Given this unpredictability, hold off on picking Orome (or any of these new players) until they have a couple of weeks with good results under their belts.

Jungle: Shadow

The LEC 2020 Spring split will be Shadow’s first opportunity to showcase the talent he’s developed as a player in the European amateur scene in the last 3 years. Before joining MAD Lions this offseason, Shadow most recently competed in the European Masters tournament with mousesports. During said tournament, over 9 games he averaged 3.56 kills, 2.89 deaths, 5.56 assists, and 194.6 CS per game. This translated to an average of 20 fantasy points per game, and a 5th place ranking among all LCS/LEC junglers in ppg. His ability to have a statline worthy of a top 5 ranking when playing against other amateur players proves that he’s ready for tougher competition in the LEC. Keep an eye on Shadow along with the other rookies on this team as the split goes on to see if they’re able to hold their own versus the best Europe has to offer.

 Mid Lane: Humanoid

It’s ironic that Humanoid as a rookie last split is now the player with the most LEC experience on the team heading into 2020. He was able to ride the wave of Splyce’s Summer success last year to claim his ranking as the 6th highest average fantasy points per game scorer among all LCS/LEC mids with 21.9 points per game. Humanoid had the highest average deaths per game (3.1) of any mid laner in the top 12, and the highest CS per game of any mid laner in the LCS/LEC (344.6). Normally, having that many deaths would spell doom for fantasy scoring, but his incredibly high CS per game helped keep him comfortably within the top 10. Now, Humanoid was able to achieve this rank when Splyce was winning more often than not, but now with how unpredictable this new MAD Lions roster is, his chances of being a top ten scorer once again are questionable. Wait for MAD Lions to make their strength (or lack of) known in the LEC before investing in him.

 Bot Lane: Carzzy

Formerly of Berlin International Gaming (BIG), Carzzy is ready to prove his worth on the LEC stage this Spring. He most recently competed in the Premiere Tour 2019 Winter Cup with BIG, and while there he averaged 6.24 kills, 1.76 deaths, 5.24 assists and 273.6 CS per game. These stats would have made Carzzy the highest average fantasy points per game scorer among all LCS/LEC bot laners with a whopping 30.3 points per game. Normally scoring well in amateur tournaments should be looked at with a grain of salt, but being able to score this many points on average (over 17 games) is really impressive. If you want to take a chance on an unknown with the potential to score huge points at the start of the split, Carzzy is the perfect option. The safe play is to wait and see if he can live up to those stats from last year, but taking a gamble on him early is also an option.

 Support: Kaiser (Formerly Gistick)

Kaiser will be joining his former teammate Shadow from mousesports on this new 2020 MAD Lions roster. His most recent event was with Shadow in the European Masters tournament last Summer. Over 9 games, Kaiser averaged 2 kills, 2.56 deaths, 8.9 assists, and 53 CS. He’d be ranked the 3rd highest average fantasy points per game scorer with these stats, boasting an average of 17.9 points per game. His kills per game was a bit inflated because his most played champion was Pyke, who is the only support that’s incentivized to get kills. Kaiser, as well as the other 3 rookies on MAD Lions this split, have all proven that they’ve earned a chance to show that they can replicate last year’s performances come this split. If you’d like to take a risk, you can gamble on Kaiser benefitting from Carzzy’s potential to pop off early in the split, otherwise leave him unpicked until MAD Lions are a known quantity.

🛡️ Team: MAD Lions

MAD Lions’ fantasy prospects as a team is a big unknown coming into the Spring split. Only two of these players have been on the same team before, so there’s no recorded history of their playstyle as a team that could be translated into points. All 5 of these players have very recently been a part of a team that has seen success, just at different levels. Picking MAD Lions at the start of the split is a big gamble, and one that probably won’t be worth it even if they get some wins.

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