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Fantasy LEC Summer Playoffs 3 Picks

The Worlds teams for Europe are already locked in – we know who will represent the Old Continent on the home ground of the biggest League tournament this year. That doesn’t mean the regional competition is over – the title of a king of Europe this split is still here for the taking, and we can be sure all of the remaining teams would happily get their hands on it and will be fighting for it to the very end. Let’s end this season of the domestic European Fantasy League with a bang.

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Armut - MAD Lions $270,000 (vs RGE/FNC)

It didn’t seem like it after the regular split, but the pre-MSI MAD is back, and it seems to be an unstoppable force on their way to Worlds. Armut is one of the most improved Lions players in comparison to his mediocre Summer form – he went from being pretty much invisible to putting on the carry performances again and again, and I don’t think that’ll change.

Captain Picks: Jayce & Gwen

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Elyoya - MAD Lions $300,000 (vs RGE/FNC)

If we’re talking about the most improved MAD players, Elyoya deserves a spot here as well. The Spanish jungler looked fantastic in the Spring Playoffs, then fell off massively post-MSI, but it seems like he’s officially back in business. Phenomenal scoring of almost 38 points on average in the last MAD winning streak makes him a complete steal, given he’s not even the most expensive jungler of the pack. If you believe MAD will bring another LEC title home, you gotta pick Elyoya right away.

Captain Picks: Lee Sin & Xin Zhao

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Mid Lane

Nisqy - Fnatic $270,000 (vs RGE, (MAD))

Nisqy may not be the flashiest midlaner of the remaining three, but his consistency makes him a valuable pick. During the entirety of the playoffs, he dropped below ~20 points per game only three times, despite Fnatic having three series that ended up with 3-2 scores. He isn’t the highest scorer as well, to be honest, but the ceiling is high – given he has scored up to a whopping 48 points in Fnatic’s wins. Another reason to pick him is his consistency in champion picks – he played a total of 4 champions through 15 games and used only two champions more than three games, so the potential captain payoff is also there. If you hopped on the FNC hype train already, don’t miss out on that one.

Captain Picks: Twisted Fate & Sylas

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Bot Lane

Upset - Fnatic $290,000 (vs RGE, (MAD))

Upset has proven that he’s “new Rekkles, just more handsome and less passive in lane” this split. His stats are fantastic, and he’s way ahead of any other EU ADC in that context. If he keeps up with his phenomenal performances on the most crucial phase of the race for the title, you can expect great things here – especially if you expect Fnatic to go through Rogue and have the whole two series scoring potential.

Captain Picks: Tristana & Xayah

LoL Support Icon


Trymbi - Rogue $100,000 (vs FNC, (MAD))

Support is a position you don’t want to gamble on because a difference between a bad and a good support can be key Fantasy-wise, but is it gambling if it’s Trymbi? Rogue support has been a clear top 1 player of this position in the regular split and, despite a bit worse playoffs run, I believe he may step up for the challenge and won’t fail his team. Regardless of the result, expect a close series here.

Captain Picks: Nautilus & Rakan


MAD Lions $260,000 (vs RGE/FNC)

It may seem best to take a gamble on the team spot and stand behind either Rogue or Fnatic in hopes of getting the entire two-series Fantasy scoring. Wouldn’t it be too greedy, though, especially when you have MAD, speedrunning the entire European playoffs for no more than 260k? For the team position, you need someone reliable, and MAD looks like the most reliable squad out of the remaining 3. If you don’t want to overthink here, MAD is the way to go.

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