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Fantasy LCS Week 5 Community Picks

It’s Week 5 already? Where did the time go? TSM and 100 Thieves are neck and neck, C9 and TL are fighting each other for third, and the rest… don’t exist. The only thing worse than watching LCS is watching fantasy LCS players not know what to pick this week. Don’t worry, though. I got your back.

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Top Lane

Finn - CLG $230,000 (vs GG, EG, & 100)

I’m following through on my promise from last week not to include Huni. I hope you are satisfied. Despite an 0-3 weekend, CLG is set up to make a comeback with a slightly easier schedule. With the coin-flip nature of EG, the squad can capitalize on some of the small mistakes that EG tends to make. Expect to have high kill games for Friday and Saturday, especially if Finn is allowed to pop off as he does in their wins.

LoL Jungler Icon


Svenskeren - EG $300,000 (vs FLY, CLG, & GG)

This is the closest thing to a 3-0 weekend that you can ask for the villains of the LCS. Their bloody playstyle leads to not only exciting games but also high fantasy value. This weekend is the best chance for EG to prove that they can consistently take care of business against the lower-tier teams. Svenskeren has proven to be a very formidable jungler, especially when ahead. Depending on the version of EG we see, we might be in for many bloody games this weekend.

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Mid Lane

Jizuke- EG $310,000 (vs FLY, CLG, & GG)

Live by Jizuke, die by Jizuke. He is up against the bottom of the barrel mid laners in the LCS. There’s no reason he should not be able to take care of business this weekend. Right?

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Bot Lane

Danny - EG $310,000 (vs FLY, CLG, & GG)

Danny is by far my favorite player to watch this split. HE has proven to be one of the most promising rookies we have seen (Watch Proving Grounds if you don’t believe me). Danny has all the tools to succeed for the remainder of the split with veteran support and solid mechanics. He is the most stable player on the team, consistently showing good performances against top-tier and bottom-tier teams. I expect him to show us the full extent of his abilities this weekend.

LoL Support Icon


SwordArt - TSM $90,000 (vs DIG, IMT, & C9)

I will not be responsible for anything that goes wrong with TSM this weekend because this is the first time we have seen TSM look like a top-tier team since 2016. They function like a well-oiled machine, finally finding the cohesion they have needed since the organization’s inception. Expect SwordArt’s playmaking to give you some excellent value as he helps his team smash their way to a 3-0 sweep.


TSM $250,000 (vs DIG, IMT & C9)

While C9 is fixing up some of their gameplay and team synergy, TSM is racing through the LCS alongside 100 Thieves. They are well-positioned for a 3-0 sweep but don’t blame me if they drop a game for no reason.

Best Overall Captain: TL Tactical : Varus & Ezreal

Varus and Ezreal seem to be Tactical’s go to every weekend. Having played those two champions exclusively in the last two weeks, Tactical wouldn’t be a bad choice to invest your captain pick in.

Risky Captain: C9 Blaber: Xin Zhao & Kindred

As Rumble continues to see the ban hammer by teams, junglers have had to innovate and look to new picks. Blaber is no exception. I’d look to avoid captaining jungle unless you are really confident in Blaber picking these champions.

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