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Fantasy LCS Week 3 Community Picks

Week 3 of LCS is here, and our top NA brethren will look to separate themselves from the pack. My name is Eternal, and I will be giving you my recommendations for this week’s fantasy picks so you can smurf your way to the top of the leaderboards (unlike me).

LoL top lane icon

Top Lane

Huni - TSM $250,000 (vs IMT, DIG & C9)

Live by Huni, die by Huni. I don’t think we need to explain what happens when Huni gets a lead, let alone TSM as a whole getting a lead. One mistake is all it takes for this top laner to snowball the game out of control. He is a solid budget option for those looking for a player that can score a good amount of points while having room to invest in other lanes.

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Dardoch - Dignitas $290,000 (vs GG, TSM & CLG)

While I secretly think DIG is overrated, they have one of the freest 2-1 (MAYBE 3-0) weekends you can ask for. Much like Huni, he can also snowball the game out of control if given the resources. The main difference is that the team is centered around giving him the ability to carry his team to a nexus explosion. Expect Dardoch to not only smurf on the rift but also in your fantasy lineup.

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Mid Lane

Abbedagge - 100 Thieves $310,000 (vs CLG, FLY & TL)

After a dominating 3-0 weekend in week 2, Abbedagge is the second-highest scoring player in terms of fantasy points. I see a lot of potential for him to follow through on his performance and net a surprise 3-0 sweep this week.

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Bot Lane

Neo - Dignitas $300,000 (vs GG, TSM & CLG)

What can I really say about Neo? He’s just a very solid bot laner with a solid support. Maybe I am overhyping DIG a little too much here, but how can you not?

LoL Support Icon


Aphromoo - Dignitas $100,000 (vs GG, TSM & CLG)

Hex Flash may have been disabled, but not his leadership. His shot-calling has played an integral role in setting up coordinated plays for the team to succeed. This is likely his biggest chance to score a lot of points, given his opponents.


TSM - $250,000 (vs IMT, DIG & C9)

It saddens me that we do not have a live audience. I feel like we should be hearing those TSM chants in the background right about now. TSM! TSM! TSM!

Best Overall Captain: 100 FBI: Ezreal & Kai'sa

Bot lane still feels up in the air, given how diverse the meta has been. Kai’sa should still be an obvious pick here. However, the second champ is relatively up the air leaning slightly towards Ezreal.

Risky Captain: TL Jensen: Viego & Sylas

Now that mid-lane is not boring to watch; it is not too unlikely that Jensen would pick Viego and Sylas. However, I would still captain this position with caution as it can still be somewhat unpredictable

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