Introducing Cash Cups

While playing Fantasy League of Legends on E1 Fantasy is free and for fun, we also wanted to spice it up for our more hardcore players. That’s why we have launched Cash Cups; these are contests that reward you with cash prizes for scoring the highest points for the week. 

How You Enter

  • Visit the Prize Store to view the Cash Cups
  • Cash Cups have different buy-ins, some require Bytes, and others require money
  • Enter your lineup into any (or all) of the Cash Cups
  • Earn real money when you score the highest points that week!

Cash Cups

The Bytes Cup

The Bytes Cup is our first of four Cash Cups you can enter your lineup into! This is the only Cup that you can enter with Bytes and has a set prize amount.

How The Bytes Cup Works

  • Buy-in with 3000 Bytes
  • The total prize pool is $500
  • The prize pool is split between the 1st ($250), 2nd ($150), and 3rd ($100) highest scoring players in the Cup.

Cash Buy-In Cups

There are 3 Cups you can enter with real money, and all 3 Cups are Winner Takes All! Unlike the Bytes Cup, these don’t have static cash prize amounts – the cash prize will grow as more players enter!

How The Cash Buy-In Cups Work

  • Buy-In to the contest with cash:
    1. Adventurers Cup – $3
    2. Dragons Cup – $5
    3. Legendary Cup – $10
  • Prize Pools grow as more players buy-in (90% of your buy-in goes to the pool).
  • The prize is awarded to the player that scores the highest points in the Cup for that week.

Cash Cups Video Walkthrough

Rules & Information

All Cash Cups last for the duration of a single Fantasy contest. After entering a Cash Cup, you may change your lineup as often as you’d like until lineups lock. Only your final saved lineup will be entered. You must be 18+ to enter Cash Contests.

Read the official rules HERE

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