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What an amazing Spring Split it was. We saw dynasties collapse, new ones begin but most importantly, we had the debut of E1 Fantasy. For everyone who participated in the Founder’s League, it will be impossible to go back to watching LoL without cheering for a fantasy team. It made an incredible season of LoL even better, and for some participants, made them a lot of money along the way.

Now looking forward to the Summer Split, E1 Fantasy is coming back and will be stronger than ever! The biggest change that will be coming to take the E1 Fantasy experience to the next level is the E1 Summer Pass. This pass allows users to be eligible to win cash prizes every single week, and provides them with unique customization options to get their profile looking more fresh than ever.

E1 Summer Pass Information

Users will be able to purchase the E1 Summer Pass for $10 starting a week before the 2020 Summer Split and throughout the split. This one-time purchase makes the user eligible for weekly cash prizes for the entire Summer Split and provides customization rewards throughout the split that you can keep forever. People who don’t purchase the E1 Summer Pass can still participate and enjoy the fun that is Fantasy LoL, but they won’t be eligible to win any cash prizes without the Pass.

Everybody here at E1 is so happy and proud of how the Spring Split went. More importantly, we are overwhelmed and truly touched by the outpouring of support and excitement that we have seen from everybody who played. We are happy to be bringing the same LCS/LEC Fantasy League experience back for Summer Split and can’t wait to see what happens this season!

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