Don’t Count Out Goldenglue

JonnytheAussie sat down with Goldenglue from the Golden Guardians after their loss to TSM. Often players aren’t in great spirits after a loss, but GoldenGlue had plenty of positives to say about his team and their future!

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Interview with GoldenGlue

Jonny: “What do you think went wrong that match? 
Goldenglue: “I think that we didn’t have a good enough strategy against Qiyana. They picked Qiyana top which was something we didn’t expect so it definitely blindsided us a bit and I don’t think we reacted well to her. We did well securing a lot of objectives like Dragon and Rift Herald, but it came down to positioning well in fights. Xayah, Rakan and Ornn are awful to engage on and they pretty much just made time for the Qiyana to get a really good flank. I do think there were a lot of good takeaways from this game, there was just a few hiccups and the team fighting.”

Jonny: “As a team, what are you going to work on to improve your standings?” 
Goldenglue: “We still lack some of the fundamentals of mid-game macro and being able to play the neutral game, so that’s something we are working on. We were pretty happy with how we played around vision and objectives, but we over extended 1 or 2 times and it costed us the game.” 

Jonny: “When you die in a match, does it affect you?”
Goldenglue: “I think today is a pretty good example where I felt I was playing pretty good, but my score was like 0-5. I think when I die in the game it feels pretty shitty, but when you watch a lot of the really good players like Faker and Perkz, they all die too. It’s always about how you bounce back after you die, it’s learning to be mentally resilient. You don’t lose the game by dying once, unless it’s like 40 minutes in.” 

Jonny: “How focused are you on winning this split compared to preparing for Summer?”
Goldenglue: “Basically I want to get us in good form to make a playoffs run this split, but I feel like a lot of this split is about melding together as a team. It’s about working through the kinks we have right now to make sure we don’t have them for playoffs or summer.

Jonny: “Where do you currently rate yourself among LCS Mid Laners?”
Goldenglue: “Even though our score hasn’t been too hot, I think I have been performing pretty well. I’m trying to think who I would rate higher than me right now, I think Nisqy is having a really good split. Yeah, I feel like Nisqy is the outlier, the way he works with his team is really good and outside of that I don’t think there is any Mid Laner I’d be worried about.”

Jonny: “Which Mid Lane Champions do you think need a nerf or buff?”
Goldenglue: “I feel all the Mid Lane Champions are all decently balanced right now, I mean they are changing Akali so she won’t be OP anymore. I think Mid Lane is O.K at the moment, Zoey can be a little bit oppressive, we played her today and didn’t squeeze out a win, but she still does so much. Syndra is pretty strong too, but I don’t think anyone is really OP. Jungle Gragas is OP though” (We both laugh).

Jonny: “You are versing Liquid next, how do you feel going into that matchup?”
Goldenglue: “I feel pretty good, they are a very vanilla team and have had a shaky start. I feel if we play just a bit better than today, I think we will win.”

Jonny: “You are matching up against Crown (CLG) and Froggen (DIG) next week, how are you expecting those to go?”
Goldenglue: “Crown and Froggen are interesting players, they both have unique styles and are good at it. I’m aware of their strengths, so I can play around that.”

Jonny: “Is there last thing you’d like to tell the community?”
Goldenglue: “I’d just like to say, give us some time. We are working really hard and I think we can be really good!”

Big thanks to Goldenglue for the chat, he has a great energy and optimism! Wish the best of luck to the GG team as they play Team Liquid tonight at 5:30 PST.

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