Champion Picks: Week 4

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The Champion Meta Analysis Week 4 is a crucial article to read for picking the right Champions for your Captain! If you are unsure how captains work, we recommend reading up on our Scoring System.

In this article we take you through the top 3 picks for each role and provide some insight into whether they are worth picking.


 LEC Most Played:  

 Aatrox – 13 times (6 games last week)
Ornn – 11 times (2 games last week)
Gangplank – 9 times (4 games last week)

 LCS Most Played:  

 Aatrox – 19 times (7 games last week)
 Gangplank – 8 times (3 games last week)
 Ornn – 6 times (1 game last week)

One word = Aatrox. You would think he is  the Kim Kardashian for the amount of airtime he is getting. If you want to pick someone different, we would suggest Ornn, consider him Khloe Kardashian (Popular enough, but definitely second rate to Kim).


LEC Most Played:

– 15 times (4 games last week) 
 Lee Sin – 13 times (wasn’t top 3 last week)
 Jarvan IV – 11 times (3 games last week)


LCS Most Played:

 Lee Sin – 17 times (5 games last week) 
 Jarvan IV – 14 times (5 games last week) 
 Gragas / RekSai – 8 times 

Some use a punch, some wield a spear, but one naughty human fights with his beer.

Gragas is a worthy and popular pick for the LEC and rising in the LCS. However, I would stick to Lee Sin in the LCS as he is less likely to be banned than Gragas (who the pro’s feel are a bit OP).


LEC Most Played:

 LeBlanc – 12 times (5 games last week)   
 Qiyana/Cassiopeia – 5 times 
Image result for diana lol champion icon Zoe/Diana – 5 times  

LCS Most Played:

 Zoe – 11 times (4 games last week)   
 Syndra/Orianna– 8 times (4 games last week)


Mid Lane is an absolute mess! Please avoid using a Mid as your Captain – Unless they are spamming a single Champion (See in platform).


LEC Most Played:


Senna – 16 times (6 games last week) 
Aphelios – 15 times (6 games last week)
 Miss Fortune – 13 times (4 games last week)

LCS Most Played:

 Senna– 20 times (5 games last week)
 Aphelios – 18 times (8 games last week)
Xayah– 10 times (4 games last week)

Here is the moneyyyyyyyy! Bot Laners not only have a very stable Meta, they also tend to have very high CS scores which mean more points. In back to back weeks, Senna and Aphelios have topped the charts! Just like any song Justin Beiber releases, even if it’s trash…like some of the performances on these Champions.


LEC Most Played

Braum – 19 times (5 games last week)

 Nautilus– 14 times (6 games last week)

 Rakan – 10 times (1 game last week)

LEC Most Played

Tahm Kench– 13 times (3 games last week)

 Rakan/Nautilus/Thresh– 10 times

Much like the Bot Lane Meta, the Support Meta is very consistent. Downside of making a Support your captain is they tend to have very low CS, so picking the right Champions wont get you a super high score.

Looking at the Champion Meta Analysis Week 4 we would recommend Bot Lane, Top Lane and Jungle (in order) for the best picks. Mid can get you epic points, but please pick at your own risk (queue ghoul sounds).

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